Say Goodbye to Constant Lag: How the Xfinity 10G Network is Helping Gamers Stream Seamlessly

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TikTok: @mcsquared90 / @hammybanks / @tainoztv

Picture this: You’re in the middle of playing your favorite video game and boom—the internet lags, causing you to stall before you even get a chance to save. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. When those things happen we always say that it’s time for some changes to our internet, but for some odd reason we never actually do anything about it. Well folks, this is your call to action. If you haven’t heard, the Xfinity 10G Network is helping gamers stream seamlessly and TikTok creators are raving about it. Here’s what they have to say.

1. It Powers a House Full of Devices

2. It Works Even When Everyone's Online

3. It Supports Crystal-Clear Video Calling or Streaming