137FM 004: The Undiscovered Realm of Producers

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The Undiscovered Realm

The term 'undiscovered artists' in 2022 has come to represent talent that aren't known by your average person. There are so many niche areas of entertainment that it's virtually impossible to be totally 'undiscovered.'

The talented group of producers we bring to you today are all in the undiscovered realm. Though they are all respectively developing committed fanbases, it's safe to say your average music fan isn't aware of them yet.

Without further ado, let's take a look into the undiscovered realm and introduce you to three producers you need to know.

1. Dylvinci

Dylvinci is one of the most creative producers out when it comes to content creation. Not only are his beats so easy to appreciate, the way he delivers them to his audience is on a whole other level.

In this day and age, music production is one of the most competitive areas of the entertainment industry. It seems like everybody is a "producer" nowadays, and with programs like Splice making it easier than ever to create beats, the best producers have to get creative to be heard.

Whether he's producing in his room, in the park, or some other random environment, Dylvinci always seems to have his setup on him. It's very admirable. Take a look:

Not only has he cracked the code for his content, Dylvinci is no stranger to landing placements with top-notch artists. He's produced songs for Tony Shhnow, Casey Veggies, Yung Bans, D Savage, Jasiah, and many more notable names. Take a deeper look at a collection of our favorite Dylvinci-produced songs below.

2. Austin Millz

Like many Austin Millz fans, I first came across his music via TikTok. One of his videos making a mashup was the first of many that I came to consume. His energy reverberates through his music so clearly; Austin Millz delivers great energy in the form of great music.

As if his mashups aren't fire enough, believe it or not, his original music might even be better. Austin Millz frequently connects with insane vocalists to make unforgettable tracks. We handpicked ten of our favorites from him for you to get familiar with. If you're a fan of electronic and hip-hop music, then you're in for a pleasant surprise.

3. Popstar Benny

The third and final producer on today's edition of Curiously Curated is Atlanta native Popstar Benny. In addition to making a big name for himself with his calculated placements, Benny is also becoming well-known for his indie label, Popstar FM. He is experienced with graphic design, production, and music business, which each come with massive subsets of specific knowledge. It's not easy being good, but it takes even more to be great. And that's what Popstar Benny's done in each of these realms.

Popstar Benny not only has landed placements with big names like Lil Yachty (he designed the cover art for "Minnesota"), Rod Wave, 6Dogs, UnoTheActivist, and Thouxanban Fauni, he's also kept a close ear to the underground, linking early with talent like Tony Shhnow, Bear1Boss, and other rapidly rising artists.

Benny is making a big wave out of Atlanta, taking his time with the newest generation of artists. All the while, he's making even bigger placements look easy. Take a listen to some of our favorites from Popstar Benny.

With yet another week in the books, we're starting to pick up even more steam. Thank you for staying tuned, we'll be dropping 137FM 005 at the end of this week! For now, here's our updated playlist - featuring Dylvinci, Austin Millz, and Popstar Benny.

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