Tony Shhnow’s Killstreak 2 Project Is Some Of His Best

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ATL native Tony Shhnow has been on a steady incline for a while now. Tony's latest project, ‘Killstreak 2’ and its deluxe version are both perfect representations of his rap prowess. Tony's song “Sometimes” from KS2 made it onto our Monday To Monday playlist this past week, and for good reason.

From the cover art to music to visuals, Tony Shhnow is clearly adamant about quality. His ‘Killstreak 2’ cover, along with the deluxe, were created by Kill Che, who made an appearance on One37pm socials earlier this month for his insanely unique art. Tony and Che actually dropped a collaborative project together as a Kill Che exclusive last year, called ‘Bad Guy Vol. 1’.

Tony has a great understanding of art in general, and has been vocal about how important paying producers is to him. Many artists (and even labels) forget just how crucial that is, which can cause relationships with producers to go downhill. Tony Shhnow is a producer himself, and enlists this empathy to foster long-lasting relationships with his tight-knit circle of producers like Cashcache and Popstar Benny.

Musically speaking, Tony Shhnow's stock is on a steady rise. He’s constantly giving nostalgia to his fans with his classic vibes - whether through beat selection, flow, or videos, this effect is surely felt. “Sometimes” is a perfect example of this nostalgic effect - it’s reminiscent of older established artists, yet it has such a drastic element of originality to it. The hook is ridiculously catchy, too: “Lately I’ve been talking to myself, people never help you out unless it benefit they self”. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Tony Shhnow listener, or brand new to his stuff, “Sometimes” and the rest of his Killstreak 2 saga are perfect for any type of Hip-Hop fan. His prior work is phenomenal too, so definitely feel free to take a deeper look for yourself. And if you're a fan of Cousin Stizz as well, you're in luck - Tony's touring the US with him throughout March and April!

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