137FM 007: Top-Notch Underground Talent

You're gonna hear about them sooner or later.

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Here we are on volume seven of our 137FM series. We've come a long way thus far, and there's plenty more ground to cover. Today, we're introducing you to five artists that you need to know.

1. Dee Aura

One of New York's most impressive talents is Dee Aura. The rapper has come a long way since his start, and most recently was brought out by Skepta on stage at Governors Ball earlier this month. He stepped up to bat in front of a massive crowd at Citi Field, and showed them what he's got. I had the luxury of seeing it live, and it was beyond gratifying to see Dee Aura come this far. For those who know the rapper, it's implied that he's just getting started.

In addition to his ties to Skepta, Dee Aura is insanely tapped in across the globe. Here's his latest video with Philly phenom Matt Ox:

2. Quarters of Change

With two hits to show for their relatively young career, this band is showing a ton of promise early on. You've probably seen Quarters of Change on TikTok, whether for their debut hit via 300 Entertainment, "Kiwi" (featuring Juice) or their scenic Wall Street video shoot for "T Love". The band has a nostalgic yet original feel to them, and their music (and visuals) make it perfectly clear. Not only are their music videos fire, their TikTok is pretty entertaining on its own.

Here's the TikTok video that blew up their single, "T Love":

3. Hass Irv

Hass Irv has made quite the impression with his notable career thus far. He seems to not only have a knack for music, but a similar knack for networking and connecting with his audience. He manages to get in the room with some of today's most popular act. His impressive level of talent makes it (seemingly) easy to consistently connect dots, resulting in underground hits like the one we've featured below.

Oh yeah, he's also an insanely gifted designer, as made apparent in his boutique balaclava brand, brainface.

Hass Irv's video with G Herbo for his "All Day" remix is one of the New York rapper's best. Take a look:

4. Jay Swishes

Another New York talent worth noting is Jay Swishes. He's built quite the catalog, including a solo hit "Good Company," and a powerhouse feature from Rowdy Rebel on "John Wicc."

Jay Swishes has a way of going in on both dancehall beats and harder hip-hop focused beats, giving his sound a signature that is hard to replicate.

In addition to his latest drop, a debut EP called 'I'm Him,' Jay made some major noise on YouTube with his video for "John Wicc" featuring Rowdy Rebel. See it for yourself:

5. meat computer

One of the greatest parts of the latest evolution of music is the level personalization you see in artists' brands. Before the SoundCloud era when artists could (finally) independently distribute their music, when would you ever see a name like 'meat computer'?

Yes, meat computer is an actual artist, and he's so, so, so fire.

meat computer is one of a kind - and don't take that lightly. He always manages to think outside of the box, regardless of the medium: music, visuals, social media, or anything else.

Here's the perfect intro to the wild world of meat computer, his video for "eyes wide shut":

What a week this has turned out to be. These five artists are all immensely experienced, which has translated to respective recent success. Take a listen to our 137FM playlist on Spotify, which features this week's artists, as well as all 6 previous editions - recording artists and producers.

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