137FM 011: New and Noteworthy Artists

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After 10 volumes, we've established a pretty strong footing for 137FM. As we venture onto the next 10, it seems pretty clear what (or rather, who) we're looking for.

Today, for the 11th edition of 137FM, we'll take a deeper look at four up-and-coming artists who have began to make a major name for themselves: Myles Cameron (cover), 26ar, Baby Plug, and Lil Crix.

1. Myles Cameron

Myles Cameron has been on my radar for a while now, but looking back, it's become very clear that he's never missed. Not once.

Whether he's releasing singles, EPs, or music videos to go along with either, you can bank on the fact that he'll provide quality. Some of his top tracks include "Yellow," "Caged Bird," and "Heaven's Hands." Take a listen to this extraordinary talent for yourself.

2. 26ar

Earlier this month, 26ar dropped off a brand new project, FLYEST OOTA, which features two artists: PGF Nuk and Rob49. After proving his talent time and time again, 26ar is back again just to remove all doubt.

This latest project is some of his best, and the song "Finish" with PGF Nuk (who had a recent viral collab with Polo G for their song "Waddup") is a certified hit. Get familiar with 26ar and his latest project in the link below.

3. Baby Plug

Baby Plug has a storied career, and a strong foundation that outdoes his peers'.

From the early days of his rap career, he's been a fan favorite, and for good reason. Some of Baby Plug's top songs include "No Fifties (feat. Lil Gotit and Lil Keed)" and "Still Bunkin." His 2020 project, Topic, will tell you everything you need to know.

4. Lil Crix

If you've been paying close attention to Kodak Black's social media lately, then you've probably come across Lil Crix.

Lil Crix is an artist emerging from Florida, and it seems as if he has a clear path to the top at the moment. Not many co-signs outweigh that of Kodak Black; you can expect to be seeing and hearing a lot from Lil Crix in the coming year. Check out why Kodak is so interested in this up-and-comer for yourself below:


There you have it, yet another 137FM in the books. As we're just two songs away from 100 on our playlist, there's plenty of great emerging artists to get familiar with on there. Take a look below, and DM us on socials to tell us your favorite song!

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