137FM 009: Three Rappers Worth Knowing

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Welcome back to 137FM. For the ninth edition, we'll be highlighting three rappers that you should know by now. Rappers have more competition than most in this day and age, and by different means, these three have distinguished themselves from the pack.

As we're nearing the 10th edition, it's worth noting just how proud we are of the playlist right now. The 137FM playlist features all of the recording artists (rappers, singers, bands) and producers from each edition of the series, with two consecutive songs featured from each creative. If you're ever curious about how to identify producers of individual songs, press options, then song credits, then you're all set!

Now, let's get into it.

1. G.T.

rappers gt future
G.T. (@callmegt) / pictured with Future (@future)

One of the most slept-on rappers out of Detroit is G.T. That's not to say he's not well known; he's merely scratching the surface of his imminent success.

It's been nine years since G.T. began crafting his career's sturdy foundation, alongside Babyface Ray and some of Detroit's most noteworthy talent. Now, just like many other acts that we've covered on Curiously Curated, G.T. is soon to be a household name. His latest album, Money Counter Music, is named after his self-started label, and is the best introduction to the world of G.T.

Take a listen for yourself. If you have time to spare, definitely check out his earlier projects as well, especially Motion and Timeless.

2. Yung Sinner

rappers yung sinner
4 Shooters Only / From The Block / Yung Sinner

After recently signing to 21 Savage's Slaughter Gang record label, Yung Sinner has been making waves. He's dropped three videos on his YouTube, which has scored him nearly a million totals views and over 12,000 subscribers.

For an artist with just three songs out, Yung Sinner is evolving rapidly. You should expect to be hearing more major things from him in the remainder of 2022. In addition to his "Central Dr Freestyle" featured below, you need to see his From The Block performance.

3. Big Moochie Grape

rappers bigmoochiegrape
Big Moochie Grape (@BigMoochieGrape1)

Earlier this month, Big Moochie Grape dropped his music video for "Breakdance" with Key Glock from his latest album, East Haiti Baby. This is his sophomore project, following a 2020 album debut with no features.

East Haiti Baby features just three artists across 15 songs, which says a lot: Young Dolph, Key Glock, and Kenny Muney. Big Moochie Grape is showing all of the signs that you'd expect from a future star.

Even though Big Moochie Grape dropped his first album just two years ago, he's come a very, very long way.


That's all for the ninth edition of 137FM.

Take a deeper look at today's talent in our Spotify playlist, which is featured below. See you next week for our tenth edition; we'll be highlighting some more notable producers.

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