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Slater Davis

Eyes have been on Slater Davis as he continues to blaze his way through the Pop Rock scene with an innovative style that makes you instantly relive legendary 80s and 90s Rock & Roll classics, while effortlessly blending pop and punk. His latest single, 2021, shows an artist maturing into his own. The song has received positive reviews from both fans and critics, who have praised Davis’ growth as an artist, and willingness to unapologetically operate in his own lane. Celebrating the release, the LA Native had a conversation with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd.

Boyd: What song should someone start with to get to know you and your music?

Davis: That’s tough! As far as what I’ve released so far—it’s definitely between ‘Best Friend,’The Girl Out Here,’ and then ‘2021.’ I think ‘2021’ is probably the best one to listen to because as an artist you become attached and you start to nitpick at yourself. ‘The Girl Out Here’ was the first song off the project, and it was inspired by the female perspective of growing up in L.A., and the pressures that they have to deal with. ‘Best Friend’ is a song of all the trials and tribulations that I have gone through with women, and ‘2021’ is the song to get to know me. It’s actually my favorite song that I have released so far. It’s the one to focus on in terms of any promotion or marketing to get people to listen to it. It’s a catchy song that has depth.

Boyd: Final question, what should we expect next from you?

Davis: The music video for ‘2021’ is coming out January 29th! I shot it last week and it is awesome! I also have two music videos out right now for ‘Girl Out Here’ and ‘Bad Boy,’ but this music video is by far my best music video. I can’t wait for people to see it!

You can keep up with all of Slater Davis’ latest releases on both Instagram and Twitter.

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