How Artists Are Using Discord To Build Their Communities

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Discord has quickly become one of the most relevant social media platforms, and has set the bar incredibly high for its competition. It almost feels wrong calling it a social media platform, since its utility goes far beyond that of your average social media app. It’s become a means of forming tight-knit digital communities, and artists everywhere are starting to tap into the resource.

Though Discord is known to have a slight initial learning curve, all of its members who get past that stage swear by it. From assigning different roles for new members, to the text and audio channel features, Discord has given artists and brands the ability to form their perfect version of a digital community. The type of engagement that is had between artists and fans has transformed drastically over time, and Discord is proving to be the best medium for this new level of social sophistication.  

Artists tend to be outspoken advocates for the platform, so we asked 27Delly and Riz La Vie about their thoughts on Discord. If you don’t know these budding NYC-based artists, take this chance to get familiar. You’re bound to be hearing more about both of them very soon. 

27Delly is a rapper from Harlem who’s proven to be much more than that. His creativity bleeds through all of his work, whether it’s music, visuals, or his highly regarded NFT drops.

Treat your online community with care. People are already sensitive IRL, so you can imagine how much more vulnerable they are online. Tend to those vulnerable spots and strengthen your community within.

- 27Delly

Delly couldn’t have said it better, and he’s been applying this notion on his own Discord server, ‘Touch The Sky’. On the #sky-lounge and #inspo-page text channels, his fans share their thoughts on his new drops and share creative inspiration in the form of photos, videos, and GIFs. His ‘LET’S GET INTO IT!’ voice channel is a great representation of the famous Harlem energy that has helped mold Delly into the star he is today. Seeing these metaphysical details take hold digitally is awfully satisfying.

In another spectrum of genre, Riz La Vie has famously molded Hip-Hop and Alternative music into his own trademark blend. He’s set up his Discord in a way that gives tiered bonuses to his fans, which they earn through engagement on his server. These bonuses include behind-the-scenes looks at music, videos, pictures, and plans. His text channels offer insight into his current trajectory with his release schedule, as well as a safe space for discussions about life in general. The voice channels give fans a way to connect with Riz, whether it’s just talking or even gaming together. This proximity given to fans is something that is sure to change the landscape of fan engagement.

Discord is community. I love any environment where my community can feel safe, welcome, and free to express themselves. Discord is a wonderland for that.

- Riz La Vie

There have been major advancements in the digital space for producers and music businesses too, which is largely due to Discord. For example, Brussels-based producer DJ Yung Vamp had over 600 “vamps” (his term for his superfans) join his server in the two weeks since it was created. These “vamps” now engage daily with each other and DJ Yung Vamp about anything from his drum kit to his next project, “I Need More Blood 2” which is set to drop March 2. Another great example of a successful server is that of music blog Pigeons & Planes. They hold weekly events for music reviews and have a constant stream of engagement between server members and staff members.

Just like we’ve seen in the metaverse, Discord is making the digital world feel a lot more like in-person. It’s an incredible benefit for artists, producers, and other brands. If you’re new to the idea of Discord, take a deeper look today and get past that initial learning curve!

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