Concert Recap: Bailey Bryan with Leah Kate at The Mercury Lounge

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On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, I found myself at the Lower East Side’s The Mercury Lounge to catch Leah Kate and Bailey Bryan in concert. The Mercury Lounge is an intimate venue that hosts indie artists and up-and-comers. Some of the world’s most prominent artists have played at The Mercury Lounge, including Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, and Chris Martin, to name a few. 

Before you dive into this article, be sure to check out this standout song from Bailey Bryan! The ONE37pm team feels like this song is a great introduction to Bailey’s style, introduction, and overall vibe. After you get the vibe of the headliner, read on. 

Leah Kate kicked off the show, and as expected, she brought a lot of energy to her set. If you don’t know by now, Leah Kate is an emerging independent pop artist who brings a unique retro-electro pop style that is both groovy and passionate. Her sound is similar to that of Dua Lipa, King Princess, and Fletcher. Leah’s on-stage presence was very proactive, getting the crowd involved in every song. Additionally, her personality shined through, as she would often ask the audience questions and tell her personal stories about each piece she was performing. This helped build a genuine connection with the audience.

Be sure to check out some clips of Leah’s performance below! 

Additionally, Leah performed a wide variety of songs that showed off her talent and vocal skills. Leah performed her hit song “Fuck Up The Friendship,” and the crowd loved it. Her hit song has over thirty million streams on Spotify and over five million views on the official lyric video. One song that stuck out was Leah’s hit “F U Anthem,” a catchy pop that brings many memorable moments for the song’s captivating chorus.

Following Leah’s set came Bailey Bryan. If you are unfamiliar with her, Bailey Bryan is an artist from Washington currently residing in Nashville. The twenty-three-year-old is best known for her songs “play w/ me,” “Don’t Call Me,” and “Too Good.” In 2021, she released her debut album Fresh Start, an eleven-track project. Bailey creates a style self-described as “sensitive bad-bitch music,” which often features elements of pop and R&B.

Bailey’s set was unique, as she wanted to create a personal listening experience. She even asked her electronic percussionist to leave the stage to play an acoustic song. Instead, she brought out her guitar and played “Songbird,” a heartfelt ballad that she released years ago.

Bailey Bryan’s set was captivated by her wide and immersive discography. Her previously mentioned song “play w/ me” is a pop anthem that has over nine million streams on Spotify. Her 2016 song “Own It” is a catchy song with a lot of the Nashville influences that Bailey likely encountered during her move to the Music City. Bailey additionally has soul-influenced songs, such as “Dark In The Morning,” off her latest project Fresh Start. Tune in to the performance of the song below!

In conclusion, the show was a very entertaining event with many elements that developed new fans and continued to formulate their current fans. Their sets were very diverse that showed off the wide range of both artists’ skill sets. We highly recommend checking out their music and seeing if they are in a city near you! 

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