Concert Recap: Kenny Beats, Zack Fox, and Kenny Mason at Central Park

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Kenny Beats is a multi-platinum music producer, artist, and DJ, born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. Kenny is best known for his collaborations with Lil Baby, Future, Skrillex, and more. Kenny Beats, alongside Kenny Mason, Zack Fox, and others, recently performed at Central Park's SummerStage - and we were there to cover it. So be sure to tune in below. 

We began with an energy-packed performance by Atlanta's Kenny Mason. Kenny is blending the norms of music by blending alternative rock with hip-hop, creating a unique sound. When I first arrived, Kenny Mason was performing "Rih," his release from April 2021 that helped elevate Kenny as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to quick delivery and lyricism. Mason then performed "HIT," his most recognizable song, which was released in 2019. The song is full of energy and got the crowd excited. Be sure to check out the song below. 

With "HIT" playing, Kenny made sure to open up the moshpit for the diehard and loyal fans, teaching them the song's lyrics. The song, as expected with a moshpit and everyone chanting the lyrics, sparked a crowd that was hyped for the music and eager to hear more. While I only witnessed Kenny Mason perform a few songs, the energy that he brought and that the crowd reciprocated was felt the second you walked into the venue. 

Following the Kenny Mason set came Zack Fox’s performance. Zack Fox is best known for his song "Jesus Is The One (I Have Depression)" with Kenny Beats, which went viral upon its release in 2019 for its funny and memorable lyrics. Fox opened up his set with "The Bean Kicked In," which got the crowd going crazy. Be sure to check it out below.  

From there, Zack Fox continued to bring the energy with songs such as "fafo," "IHY2LN," and "Stick!" Zack Fox was the perfect act to open up before Kenny Beats. The chemistry that Zack Fox brought was evident in how the performance played out. 

I've never been to a Kenny Beats show before, but I know his personality. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, however, by the end of the concert, I loved how the performance went. Kenny Beats brought out several unique acts, many of which he's collaborated with, and played fire hits with smooth transitions. Since I've never seen a hip-hop producer live in concert before, I wasn't sure how Kenny would tie in hip-hop and a DJ set into one, but he did a terrific job of doing so. 

For one, the visuals that Kenny and his team deployed were hilarious, on-brand, and made the concert feel natural in this environment. However, the one that stuck out the most and was most prevalent was the wacky waving arm-flailing tube man visualizer behind him.

Kenny started off the set by performing songs by notable artists such as Baby Keem, Ski Mask the Slump God, Drake, Future, and more. A noteworthy guest that Kenny brought out was fourteen-year-old drill artist Bouba Savage. Bouba is known for his affiliation with Pop Smoke, even appearing as the main character in the music video for "Aim For The Moon" by Pop Smoke and Quavo. Bouba came out and performed "Lockdown" and showed out. Be sure to tune into "Lockdown" below! 

In conclusion, the Kenny Beats show at Central Park's SummerStage was a fantastic event full of unique supporting artists, special guests, and delivered hit after hit. It didn't matter to the crowd who was performing at the given time because they were into every act. Kenny Mason brought a lot of hype with the mosh pit being the cherry on top. Following that, Zack Fox’s lyrics brought some fanfare for those unfamiliar with the artist's clever lyrics and ear-grabbing music. Finally, Kenny Beats bodied the event with his song selection, special guests, and his emceeing. This event was a perfect closer for the SummerStage in Central Park 2021 series. 

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