The 17 Best Grime Artists to Get You Into the Genre

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Before we can address who are the best grime artists, we have to spell out what the genre is to begin with. So what is grime music? Well, grime has quite the story, and it has undergone an evolution since the start of the 2000's. While it started as an electronic genre, it's come to be known more for it's hip-hop qualities recently.

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With roots in garage music and drum-and-bass, grime music pulls influence from hip-hop, jungle, and dancehall as well. It grew in popularity in the early 2000's in the UK thanks to the keen ear of London radio stations. From its early days onward, the genre has come such a long way, and has been graced by countless talents who've become the best at creating it. There's a ridiculous amount of talent on this list, which shows a large portion of the development of music in the UK since the turn of the century. So, lo and behold, here is our list of the best grime artists. It's in no particular order, so don't pay attention to the numbers.

17. Dave

Dave has grown to be one of the most popular artists out of the UK, and it's no coincidence. He's got some of the most incredible bars, and the support of the most influential artists around the world. Some of his best work in the grime genre includes his collab with Stormzy, "Clash," as well as his collab with AJ Tracey, "Thiago Silva," named after the world-famous footballer.

16. Giggs

Giggs is one of the biggest names you'll find on this list, or any list, for that matter. He's accumulated hundreds of millions of streams across his impressive catalog, and thus has become one of the most popular artists out of the UK, let alone in the grime genre. Chances are, you've heard some of his most popular tracks like "Peligro" or "Lock Doh," if not some of his other ear worms. He also featured on a song with Drake called "KMT," if you remember correctly.

15. Merky ACE

As one of the members of the new wave of grime music, Merky ACE has played a role in the continued evolution of the genre. Not only is he an MC, but he also is a producer, and has grown to become a very distinguished artist in both facets of his career. We've mentioned this before, but being both a recording artist and producer tends to bring out the best of each element.

14. Flirta D

Flirta D is an acclaimed grime artist, especially in the underground grime scene. While he's not the most streamed artist on our list, he's developed quite a name for himself in the UK streets. If you haven't heard Flirta D's music yet, here's your chance. You'll be thanking us later.

13. Chip

Chip is one of the most successful UK grime artists in general, and for good reason. His music has become so popular that it's scored him over a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. He's collaborated with artists like Chris Brown and Russ, just to name a couple. If that doesn't catch your attention, then take a listen and see if that works.

12. Akala

Akala is another prominent name on our list. While he's now better known as an author and activist, he made his initial rise to fame as a foundational grime artist. Some of his most popular songs include "Shakespeare," "Roll Wid Us," and "Fire in the Booth, Pt. 1."

11. Stormzy

Stormzy is a name that is at the very forefront of grime music, and it's no coincidence. He has one of the most iconic catalogs of music out of any UK artist, so obviously he deserves a spot on our list. He's collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the world, including Ed Sheeran. Did we mention he's got over ten million monthly listeners?

10. Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone is yet another name that we absolutely had to include on our list for the best grime artists. His most streamed music on Spotify has tens of millions of streams, 58 million on "Beauty and the Beast" to be specific - and he's still continuing to drop music. This Manchester-born artist is not one to mess with.

9. Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle is the number nine spot on our list for best grime artists, and he's got the music catalog to back it. Chances are, you've probably heard at least one of his top tracks, which have culminated hundreds of millions of streams total, making him one of the most notable grime artists in the game.

8. D Double E

D Double E is one of the more low-key artists that you'll find on this list of best grime artists, but he's still a gem nonetheless. If you haven't yet heard his top tracks like "Selecta" and "Times Change," then here's your golden opportunity.

7. JME

JME is a highly acclaimed grime artist, and his top streamed song alongside Giggs is a primary reason why. The song "Man Don't Care" has over 88 million streams on Spotify alone, and it's clear why. The aggressive delivery is a perfect fit for the thoughtful bars and gritty grime production.

6. Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal is a name that goes hand in hand with the genre of grime. He's collaborated with some notable talent, which includes electronic superstar Calvin Harris. Their collaboration has nearly 150 million streams on Spotify alone. This is just a part of why Dizzee has over three million monthly listeners at the moment.

5. Kano

Kano is yet another notable name on our list. He started his career off as a prominent soccer player (or "football" rather, for this article's sake). In the time since he hung up the cleats, he made a major impact in the grime genre. He's collaborated with some of the most noteworthy talent in the world, including Giggs, Wiley, and Popcaan.

4. Ghetts

Ghetts is an absolutely legendary grime artist. He's got hits on hits. He's collaborated with Ed Sheeran, Skepta, and Stormzy, to name a few noteworthy names. He's got a unique and strong voice, which has helped him to accumulate a dedicated fanbase and countless streams on DSPs. He's one of the UK's best.

3. Wiley

Wiley's name has popped up a couple times in this article already, and that has everything to do with his prominence in the genre of grime music. Wiley has collaborated with Idris Elba, Sean Paul, Skepta, and Tory Lanez, to name of few of his most eye-catching collaborations. He's got over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, and not for no reason.

2. Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah is yet another prominent name in grime that absolutely had to be mentioned in this list. Perhaps you've heard of him through his timeless classics like "Girls Like" or "Pass Out." He's got more hits than that, and still has nearly four million monthly listeners, despite not releasing new music anymore.

1. Skepta

As you probably know by now, Skepta is one of the most talented British artists. Pick any artistic focus, and Skepta probably takes the cake. Not only is he one of the best hip-hop artists, he's one of the best grime artists, and has arguably the most iconic catalog of any British artist of late, and that's saying quite a lot. He's done a lot for the UK's music scene, and has shown no signs of stopping. He's in tune with all forms of art, and grime just happens to be one of his specialties.

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