60 Perfect Rap Lyrics for Your Next Instagram Caption

No photo shall be left uncaptioned

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Gone are the days of quirky captions like, “Orange you happy to see me” and explanations of what is actually happening in a photo. With Instagram’s Apple Music story collab, Spotify integration and new live lyrics feature, Instagram has become an outlet for finding and sharing music. What better caption to give your next vacation photo, holiday album or thirst trap than a line from a popular rap song?

1. I’m the big dawg, my nickname is Scooby

2. Made in the projects, slave to my progress

3. I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch

4. I just made 100K, it was quicker than a Vine

5. I don’t wanna change, cause I’m good where I’m at

6. Swag on max, got no legs, bitch, I’m floating

7. You won't flinch when camera’s flashing, flashing

8. Walkin' with my back to the sun, keep my head to the sky

9. She wanna fuck with me, but I don't got the time

10. I'm the highest in the room

11. Big boy diamonds, ice on me changin' the climate

12. I just stick to my paper like a stapler

13. How you look so perfect on your worst days?

14. Young smart black nigga, finna buy some stock

15. I’m buying the building of every door that closed on me

16. Seems like all the models just be fallin’ in my DMs

17. She’s a walking bag of money, she's a masterpiece

18. Never wanted you to stay too long, just wanted you to show me off

19. Too much dip on my chip

20. I ain't tryna make new friends, got requests still pendin'

21. I cannot hide in hills of California because / These hills have eyes and I got paranoia

22. If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense

23. ’Cause you make my earth quake

24. My bitches hustle, make money together / Your bitches birds and they flockin together

25. Everything litty, I love when it’s hot

26. I paid five thousand for my fit, I’m not fitting in

27. So now I ball like Kobe

28. I need to not measure my success in precious jewels

29. I know you think that Brad Pitt is hot, but you know I’m hotter

30. I'm a force to be reckoned, I'm God's perfection

31. I know you want this for life / Taking pictures with all my ice

32. Motherfucker, I'm ill, not sick / And I'm okay, but my watch sick

33. Climb up from nothin', I turned them rags into them riches

34. Asked me if these diamonds, nah bitch, these some rhinestones

35. Yeah my money's so tall that my barbies gotta climb it

36. Y'all keep takin' losses, all I know is win, uh

37. Make ya float, I'm the GOAT, you don't smoke what I smoke

38. You know my racks tall like a center

39. If I'm getting money, then you know we all got a plate

40. I ain't tryna die young, so I gotta ride with one

41. Una casa en Miami y la otra en LA

42. You got nothin' to prove, you the king of this shit

43. Ran up twenty million, told the Devil, "Keep the luck"

44. I walked in the meetin', label seen a dollar sign

45. Because I'm way too big / Way too big to be fucking with you

46. Go buy a zip of weed, hit the club

47. Fuck your main page, what's your Finsta? I wanna know the real you

48. Bitch, I'm a baddie, I get what I want

49. Stacking these hundreds up, like coupons

50. And I'm S-I-N-G-L-E again (Yup) Outside hanging out the window with my ratchet-ass friends

51. Rose from the concrete with the black petals

52. Take a break and roll the sticky, let's get high

53. Real trendsetter, I don't steal style

54. I'm just a openminded individual, and people should be more openminded

55. Money versus everybody, money isn't everything/That's cap and I put that on everything

56. Either way you slice it, bottom line, I'm the top bitch

57. Everybody goin' the same route, so, I switched up my route

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