The 20 Best Paramore Songs, Ranked

The best of the best in a catalog full of greats

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Fueled by Ramen

Nothing compares to a not-so-quiet evening of... Paramore. For years and years we've had a "crush, crush, crush," on the band that captured many of our Y2K hearts in the 2000s (and put out some of the best songs of the 2000s), and they've certainly given us a fair amount of classics in their incredible catalog. Similar to bands like Green Day and Fall Out Boy to name a few, Paramore represents something special for those of us that are in the group of millennials that were born in the 1990s. That's not to say Paramore hasn't transcended beyond that period of time—they just released their studio album entitled This Is Why in February 2023 and are still gaining new fans every single day—but us millennials have a way of thinking we're special because we got to experience certain things (the early years of Paramore for example in real-time)—call it our toxic trait if you must. Also toxic is the fact that we think we have expert authority in ranking Paramore's catalog—and that's exactly what we're doing here, ranking the best Paramore songs.

Whether you are a teenager yourself, or a 20/30-something that has vowed to never leave the punk rock emo in you behind (shoutout to all of us who wore all-black outfits, dark makeup and Converses), we think this list is one that can be appreciated.

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20. Here We Go Again

19. "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic"

18. Part II

17. Brick by Boring Brick

16. "When It Rains"

15. Idle Worship

14. Escape Route

13. Anklebiters

12. Let the Flames Begin

11. Rose-Colored Boy

10. Decoy

9. Decode

8. 26

7. Misguided Ghost

6. Caught In The Middle

5. Still Into You

4. Fences

3. crushcrushcrush

2. Misery Business

1. All I Wanted

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