The 20 Best Tyler, The Creator Songs Of All Time

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Earlier this month, a billboard appeared which read “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” and had a number written on it. Naturally, people called it, and it didn’t take long for people to realize that the voicemail that you could hear was Tyler, The Creator, and his mother talking. When fans tried uploading the voicemail to SoundCloud, they got a takedown notice, which is how we learned that it was actually a track called ‘MOMMA TALK.’ After a long silence, it felt like an album was near.

Not too long afterward, we got the first single ‘LUMBERJACK’ and then Tyler announced that CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST was actually the name of his album and that it would be out this Friday, June 25th. Of course, DJ Drama was on the single and is on ‘WUSYANAME’, so perhaps the new project is a Gangsta Grillz. While we look forward to the new body of work, in anticipation of it, let’s take a look back at the best Tyler, The Creator songs of all time.

1. ‘911 / Mr. Lonely’

2. ‘Answer’

3. ‘Colossus’

4. ‘Cowboy’



7. ‘Garden Shed’

8. ‘I THINK’

9. ‘IFHY’

10. ‘OKAGA, CA’

11. ‘Potato Salad’

12. ‘Rusty’

13. ‘See You Again’

14. ‘Seven’

15. ’She’

16. ‘Slater’


18. ‘Transylvania’

19. 'Who Dat Boy’

20. ‘Yonkers’

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