The 20 Hardest Wrestling References In Hip-Hop History

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1. When Bret Hart meet Brett Favre/A sharp shooter well exceeding any figure four/You see my figure more or less stick some more

2. Yeah, but I ain't stuntin' these hoes/I been pimpin' since Hulk Hogan was nWo/Yeah, I'm wild, Drizzy tough, and the Kid vicious/The three horseman, we just need Sid Vicious

3. In high school I was voted the most Ted DiBiase-est/Also the most slept on, cause my Ted DiBiase-ness

4. Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund/Bruno Sammartino, Stan Staziak/Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs/The top rooster pluckin', chickens when I’m cluckin'/WWF stands for When and Where we F*****

5. Looky here, it's just the way the cookie tear/Prepare to get hurt and mangled like Kurt Angle, rookie year

6. We the kind that supply the rock like Chris Paul/The same kind that aim 9s, insane conscience/And then we get rid of the rock like Dwayne Johnson

7. Had my n****s down so I’m screaming f**k the law/Monday night wrestling, I’m so f*****g raw

8. Go hard like Iverson playin’ with hurt ankles/Plus, wrestle the topic from a different Kurt Angle!

9. But when we at them red carpet affairs, aw man/My baby break necks like The Honky Tonk Man (woo!)

10. I had to stash near the boiler/Night time playing the moon, a Houston Oiler/Brought the raw to ya/Had this diesel fiend tying up both his arms, Ultimate Warrior

11. The cycle is Shawn Michaels, heartbreak/And yeah I like you, but not enough to wife you

12. I Jake the Snake ‘em, DDT ‘em in mausoleums

13. Attack like a savage cat/Undertaker, this the casket match/Paul Bearer bring the urn out/They won't win til we quit, we don't burn out

14. I'm CM Punk with that mic y'all/She go to sleep cause my pipe bomb

15. We dedicated to cats that's been thuggin’/Vinnie Paz got more hoes then Jim Duggan

16. Monday night with the RAW, I’m Vince McMahon with a beat/Power-slamming them hammers, I get you handled for free (Uh)

17. I am like Randy Savage on acid/That’s very vibrant and classic

18. I served ‘em up while I Bill Goldberged the blunt

19. I hop off the top rope and chop you in the throat/Come through like Sting all black with a bat/Then I drop you like Goldberg right on your back/You know styling and profiling like Ric Flair dressed me/Sort of like Kidman, all the chicks think I'm sexy

20. Disrespect the clique, and oh, you know they ain't got far to go/That's when I grab em by the neck, hit 'em with that RKO/Outta nowhere, I'm on my viper s***/Might just have to resurrect the dead and bring back Piper's pit/Cause' we about to teach the industry a strange lesson/Just when they think they found the answer, we change the question

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