Music Extraordinaire Big Heff Discusses How To "Break" An Artist

The music promoting legend talks about his storied career

Big Heff/Michael Caloca

This week’s episode of Monday to Monday hosted by Mike Boyd features music extraordinaire Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor. Representing Ohio, Big Heff is the Ohio Valley Representative for Def Jam Records, and the co-founder of The Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference. Big Heff is also the VP of the Nerve DJs (a role he’s had since 2005) where he specializes in radio promotions and lifestyle marketing. Big Heff’s work has certainly been recognized and respected by his music industry peers, with the legend recently winning the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s SEA Awards.

Big Heff checked in with Mike Boyd from Cleveland, Ohio to talk all things music, starting the convo discussing his role at Def Jam and what that entails. “I do mostly artist development, promotions, and marketing. A couple of years ago I got the chance to start my own imprint label called Capital Structure, and I did a joint venture with RCA. I just say that I do what’s needed for the teams that need me! Sometimes I may be doing radio promotion, and other times I do promo tours. Anything that’s needed to help the artist become successful!”

After chopping it up about the Detroit music scene, and being a part of Tee Grizzley’s career, Boyd then asks Big Heff about his position as the VP of Nerve DJs. “We’ve got 2500 DJs all over the country,” he tells Boyd before explaining the overall goal of Nerve DJs. “The whole moral of it is breaking new records and breaking new artists. It gives me a support system every time I have a new artist. If I can get three to four thousand DJs playing that record then I think I can create movement with it.”

Boyd and Big Heff had a great conversation that you can listen to above. Be sure to follow Big Heff for more updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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