You Need to Tune Into Atlanta's Bktherula and Here’s Why

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Brooklyn Rodriguez, also known as Bktherula, is a buzzing artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2019, Bktherula broke out  from Atlanta with what she called the "perfect combination of magnetic melodies and airtight bars." BK has not only cemented herself in a genre overrun by male acts but has also created a unique and captivating sound of her own with over one million monthly Spotify listeners. With singles like "LEFT RIGHT"' and "okok/depressing," she shows her fans who is next up from Atlanta. 

In 2017, Bktherula begun releasing music consistently since her first release, "Lightweight," which saw success on Soundcloud. At the end of 2018, she then released "Faygo," which brought her a lot of attention in the underground scene in Atlanta. Another factor that attributed to her early achievements was her creative music videos early into her career. 

BK broke out in 2019 with her hit single "Tweakin' Together," which quickly gained over six million views on her music video and over eleven million streams on Spotify. The song is catchy, diverse and shows Bktherula's natural charisma and comfort with beats that sound like the future. Be sure to check it out below.

BBK's track "LEFT RIGHT" was released in 2019 but saw a significant resurgence in 2021, thanks to TikTok. On TikTok, the song gained nearly a quarter-million videos created using the sound. These videos spanned over a year and are continuing to dominate the TikTok sphere. The response to the song's success led BK to release a lyric video for the track on YouTube. Tune in below!

After signing with Warner Records, she began her next chapter with the release of her second mixtape Nirvana, a combination of authentic and raw energy, or, as she puts it, "harsh." The project as a whole displays BK's talent when it comes to being a lyrical chef and clever storyteller, leaving a positive impact on their listeners.

Furthermore, she saw another song make headway on TikTok with "okok/depressing," which accumulated nearly four million streams on Spotify and about fifty thousand videos created using the sound. In addition, the song was used in the background of a meme where the creator is seen walking into an alternative reality of Spongebob's Bikini Bottom, where they would point out odd people they see. 

In short, BK is an emerging artist with clever lyrics and memorable moments that shine through every track she touches. While BK keeps her songs short and sweet, with a typical running time of just under 2 minutes, she makes up for that with what she brings to the table. 

While she has had early success in her career, she is a true star in the making within the industry. So please don't sleep on her. One day, you'll wake up, and she'll be the next face of the ever changing Atlanta music scene. She knows how to captivate an audience with her voice, visuals, and writing. So be sure to keep an eye out for Bktherula!

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