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Rapper dndsection had a cool convo with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Representing Nigeria and ‘Traplanta,’ this ATL based artist has become known for his infectious beats and inspirational lyrics. The rapper made his official debut in 2018 with the video for his song ‘Georgia Peaches.’ Since then, dndsection has released a steady stream of singles, including ‘Know Me Well,’ ‘Get Out Ya Feelings,’ and ‘Darling,' dndsection 'checked in' with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd about what he’s been working on lately.

Boyd: I want to ask, with ‘Know Me Well,’ you’re riding a high right now. People love that song. 

dndsection: It was funny because even when we made the song, we didn’t really think much of it. It was one of those days where it was like a two or three-day bender in the studio, and then you wake up one morning on the last day; everybody makes a song and then forgets about it. Then a month later, we came back and was like, this is dope! Then, we sat on it for about a year, and we posted a snippet. People kept asking for it. I was like, 'let’s just put it out,' and it’s doing great! I shot some of the video for it back home (Nigeria), so that was important!

Boyd: How long were you home?

dndsection: Me and Chris went out there for about a month, and we did seven shows. It was just good being there because I went back home for a creative break. I feel like everybody sucks the creativity out of Atlanta and sometimes in America. Going back home and getting an entirely different perspective was important. It helps a lot. I was telling my homie the other day that I feel like I’m in the best two creative spaces for Black culture. You got Lagos, Nigeria, which is like the number one hub of culture in Africa, in my opinion, and then you got Atlanta. You gotta come to Nigeria!

Boyd: Talk to us about the beat. You love riding that wave!

dndsection: All my stuff is produced by the same three guys: AJ, Jason, and Issac. It’s just so special because we developed that sound from the first record, Get Out Ya Feelings. We just figured out what sounded good. Sometimes when you create, you feel a little nervous. The beat was crazy! Shoutout to my guys AJ and 88 Jay. We got crazier stuff.

Boyd: Do you have a favorite line off ‘Know Me Well?’

dndsection: “These people are broken, I can tell, and I can see you hate yourselves.” You know, sometimes hating comes from a deep insecurity. It’s just me saying that’s the reason why you’re hating. I always try to give lessons. It’s just me giving free game.

Boyd: What do you need to get the vibe right in the studio?

dndsection: Me and AJ. Jason sitting on the keys. Isaac there, Chris there. My two homies. If those guys are there, I know we are gonna make a hit. And a little weed too! If those guys are with me, I trust everybody and what we’re going to create. You just gotta find a good group of people to bring a vibe to a room that nobody else can bring and people that can help you be yourself. 

Boyd: You’re working on a new project, right?

dndsection: I’m working on two projects right now, and I just finished both of them. I’m about to put out a project this November—it’s called Patience is Best. I actually have it tatted on my wrist. It was the meaning of my aunt's name, and I lost her to cancer real young. When my mom told me what her name meant, I was like, 'I’m the most impatient person in the world!' So I was like somebody who raised me—her name means patience. So the least I can do is practice patience, which was my goal for 2020. So this is my way of thanking my fans for their patience. I’m also working on my full-length LP that’s coming out in March. I don’t have a name for that.

Boyd: Talk to us about Atlanta right now.

dndsection: It’s kind of funny because everybody is finding their niche right now. We are the Trap Mecca of the world, but there’s also a bunch of different waves popping out. There’s also the underground. Seeing Atlanta is crazy right now. There’s a lot of talent!

With two new projects on the way, there’s a lot more to come from dndsection. You can keep up with his latest releases on Instagram and Twitter.

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