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Rapper Doe Boy 'checked in' with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Doe Boy

Since gaining popularity after the success of his 2018 single ‘Minivans,’ rapper Doe Boy has been on the rise over the past couple of years, collaborating with artists such as Future, Young Thug, and Moneybagg Yo. Doe Boy’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed, with a video of LeBron James rapping to his single ‘Walk Down’ going viral last year. The Cleveland, Ohio native ‘checked in’ with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd.

Boyd: The Demon R Us project was crazy! What was it like working with Southside on that?

Doe Boy: Southside, you know he’s like my favorite producer; So just working with him on that was crazy. The whole experience. We did all the music together, so that’s the reason why I feel like it came out so hard. Just feeding off each other's energy. It just makes it so much better.

Boyd: I want to talk about ‘Prayers.’ What was the motivation behind that song?

Doe Boy: That was one of those songs that the last song written. It was done at like 6 in the morning. Everybody was ready to go, and I was like, let’s do one more song. That was actually the song I like the least, but everybody likes it! I was so geeked!

Boyd: What’s the vibe like in the studio?

Doe Boy: I like to vibe. I like to be around my people in the studio. I feed off that energy. When I was recording the project, a lot of my people were there. I’m the voice of our crew.

Boyd: What have you learned from being around Future? Has he given you any advice?

Doe Boy: All the time. The main advice he’s gonna give you is to keep your foot on the gas. That’s the reason why I work as hard as I do because he is on me about that. If I’m not working, he’s mad at me!

Boyd: You snapped on ‘I’m Scared’ with Thug and 21 Savage. What’s the story behind that?

Doe Boy: Me and Slime was chilling in the studio, and he was like, "let’s record." We did two songs that day, ‘Gravedigger,’ which went on my album, and ‘I’m Scared.’ Thug took that song. I woke up one day, and Thug posted a snippet in the car playing it. Then 21 Savage commented because it was going viral. He ended up putting him on that song. I was like, "damn, that’s crazy!"

In addition to his music, Doe Boy is also a gamer. An ‘Xbox Guy’ and a Madden fan, the rapper is looking forward to getting his hands on an Xbox Series X. If he continues at this rate, he’ll be sure to have a song on a Madden soundtrack one day. For now, be sure to keep following Doe Boy on Instagram and Twitter.

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