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The Southside of Atlanta has become a hotbed for many of the classic artists we have seen come out in these last couple of decades: Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Young Thug, Playboi Carti, and Lil Baby, to name a few. Also hailing from the Southside is 3xbravo, a talented musician who just released his new single ‘Hella Rare,’ this past week. The artist spoke with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd for this week’s Monday to Monday spotlight.

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Like many musicians, 3xbravo grew up in a musical household and began experimenting with music at an early age. The artist released his first song in his freshman year of high school and slowly began to build his career as his popularity increased.

“Growing up I was always around music. My family did music and my dad did music, but when I was younger, music wasn’t really on my mind like that because I was playing sports. In 9th grade I released my first song ‘Lambo,’ and it got like 10,000 views right off the bat. I was like dang I have the whole school jumping right now! After that it was a little slow in 10th grade, but in the 11th grade I picked it up because I realized I needed to keep going and give the people what they wanted.”

That dedication paid off, and now 3xbravo is making a name for himself, but the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. True to himself and true to his fans, the artist believes in being completely transparent in his music. Songs like ‘Hella Rare’ and ‘Die Young’ showcase that depth.

“With ‘Hella Rare,’ you know I had fourteen surgeries growing up. I was born with Clubfoot (a birth condition where the newborns’ foot is twisted or bent out of shape), and most of my life I had surgeries. So I would have a surgery, get healed, and then have another surgery. Or I would play sports and have to get another surgery. So this song was about letting people know my story, and that I’ve been through things. As an artist, I want to talk about things that people can relate to. People can’t always relate to jewelry and stuff like that, so I talk about the things that people can connect with.

With ‘Die Young,’ you know when we are young, all we think about is changing the game. We’re not thinking about our death. This was around the time of George Floyd and my partner got killed. So I wanted to make this song to let people know that when you get pulled over, make sure you have your phones out and stuff like that.”

The same could also be said for his single ‘Heart Gone,’ where the artist talks about some of the betrayals he has experienced throughout his life.

Sometimes people do you wrong—and it can be somebody that you never expected to do you wrong. So with ‘Heart Gone,’ I’m talking about how you can’t trust nobody, and how you can’t trust a soul.


Imagery is just as important in music, and 3xbravo believes in telling his stories visually as well. To date, the video for ‘Heart Gone’ has 1.1 million views on YouTube, while ‘Die Young’ has 125,000 views and counting.

I try to actually bring people into the song. I know they hear what I’m saying, but I want them to have a better understanding. So my goal is to bring people in to connect to the song more.


3xbravo’s music is certainly resonating with listeners. As he approaches the next chapter of his career, he has some advice for other young artists looking for their music, especially in the ATL area.

“You know there’s a lot of people trying to do music, especially in Atlanta. Everybody in ATL is trying to do music, and you gotta find a way to separate yourself. ATL is a music city. So keep going and don’t stop. There were a lot of times where I wanted to give up because nobody was acknowledging me, labels weren’t acknowledging me, so I had to keep going. Don’t give up.”

Be sure to check out 3xbravo’s music on this week’s Monday to Monday playlist.

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