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Rapper Guap Tarantino caught up with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Hailing from the East Side of Atlanta, Guap Tarantino has been on the rise over the last few years. A name to watch, last year featured Guap performing on the Legendary Nights Tour alongside Future (who is also his cousin) and Meek Mill. The rapper’s single ‘Block Boy’ (which featured iluvMuni) has amassed 500,000 views and counting on YouTube and over 300,000 streams. Currently posted up in the ATL, the artist chopped it up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd. 

Boyd: Bandemic’s out now, how’s that going? What’s your favorite song off the project?

Guap Tarantino: Bandemic is going crazy right now! My favorite song is probably ‘L.O.O.K.’

Boyd: Why that one?

Guap Tarantino: When I made it, I felt like I was really creative when I made it. It just happened easily. I like my energy on the song. I like my energy on every song on the tape, but that one was lit! 

Boyd: ‘3 AM’ is my favorite song! Why did you decide to end with that?

Guap Tarantino: I knew that was my favorite song to end with. When I pick out my tracks, I go with the sequence. ‘3 AM’ just ended it perfectly—I didn’t want any song after that! That song is really how I’m coming!

Boyd: Being with Freebandz, what’s it like hanging around Future?

Guap Tarantino: That’s my cousin so I’ve always been around him. When I graduated from school, that’s really when I started being around him more. It’s cool! He always tells me to not let the industry side be overwhelming because at the end of the day you are still an artist too.

Boyd: When you record, what do you need in the studio to get the vibe right?

Guap Tarantino: I just need vibes, good energy, weed, and some orange juice! No cap!

Boyd: For anyone trying to make a name for themselves in Atlanta right now, what advice do you have for them?

Guap Tarantino: They gotta keep working! Just make those songs and be consistent. The day you stop going into the studio—that’s when you fall off. People think because they make 60 or 70 songs that they are ready for a deal. It doesn’t work like that. You have to put in way more work!

One thing’s for sure, Guap has definitely been working. You can follow his latest career updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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