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Rising Artist Tatiana Hazel is the latest to 'Check In' with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Tatiana Hazel

Just like Atlanta, Chicago is also a place known for producing great musical talent. One of those talents is a young musician by the name of Tatiana Hazel. A singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, Hazel consistently has her hands full with a plethora of projects. Always creating, the artist took some time to speak with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd about her plans for the future.

Boyd: I know the ‘Sex Appeal’ video is dropping, it looks amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about shooting that?

Hazel: It was super fun! I feel like a lot of things have been dictated by Covid, and we shot it kind of early on. We had a small isolated set, and it was just me with a lot of visuals and looks to make it interesting. I also helped build all of the sets and stuff too so that was a lot of fun! I’m wearing one of my designs as well, which is pretty cool!

Boyd: Switching to your clothing, I’ve been wanting to ask you about that. What was the inspiration for you to start making clothes?

Hazel: It pretty much always had to do with music. At first I started making clothes to perform in, and then I would just post them to my Instagram stories to show. Other stylists and artists began messaging me asking for pieces to wear to shows. From there, I started getting custom orders. I just kind of fell into it, but it all started because of music which is cool!

Boyd: What’s your favorite piece that you have made so far?

Hazel: I really like what I’m wearing on the cover of Duality. It blends in with the background so you can’t really see it that much, but it’s a two piece velvet thing with a bunch of sequins. There’s a lot of new stuff coming!

Boyd: Talking about Duality, what’s your favorite track off the project?

Hazel: Probably ‘Don’t Care!’ It switches all the time but that’s the most consistent one that I go back to. I love the production of it. It was the first song where I felt like it was a really good beat standing by itself without me on it. For me it was the production and the lyrics and feeling of it too.

Boyd: If somebody were checking you out for the first time what song should they start with?

Hazel: Probably that one (‘Don’t Care’). It’s a good medium of genres. It’s not super electronic, but it’s not super slow acoustic either. It’s a good medium in my opinion. 

Boyd: I feel like a lot of eyeballs are on you right now. How does that feel? 

Hazel: It’s good! I feel that I’m really patient. I never want to rush to release things because of timing. I have so much that I’m ready to release early next year. So I feel really good about keeping up and not letting too much time pass, but still really excited for all the new stuff that’s coming. 

Boyd: What’s it like working in LA right now?

Hazel: I love it! Obviously Covid plays into it with not being able to be in the studio as much, but everyone is really connected from the photographers, makeup artists, musicians, etc. I work with someone and they’ve worked with somebody else that I’ve worked with. It’s a closer community than I thought than when I first got here. 

Boyd: Do you have any advice for any young woman who’s trying to make a name for themselves?

Hazel: I would say be true to yourself and find the thing that sets you apart. Once you find it, work really hard at it. Be dedicated, put your stuff out there, and be confident!

As the budding songstress continues to soar, you can keep up with her upcoming releases on Instagram and Twitter.

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