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Rapper Yella Beezy caught up with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Yella Beezy

Rapper Yella Beezy has been in the game for over a decade, penning his first song at the age of 13. Since getting his start, the Dallas, Texas native has released multiple mixtapes including Lite Work Vol.2 (which featured the hit ‘That’s On Me’), and Baccend Beezy (which featured the hits ‘Bacc At It Again’ with Quavo and Gucci Mane, and ‘Restroom Occupied’ with Chris Brown). With new releases in the works, the rapper spoke with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd about his success so far.

Boyd: How’s it going man? That ‘On Fleek’ song is going up. What was it like working with Gunna on that one?

Yella Beezy: Appreciate it! It was cool. You know it was good vibes. We were just in the studio cooking up. We are about to cook up some more songs probably today or tomorrow!

Boyd: What city do you prefer working in?

Yella Beezy: It really doesn’t even matter! If I can catch a vibe I’m cool with it!

Boyd: What type of studio setup do you need to get in the right vibe?

Yella Beezy: Some water and the right beats and I’m cool with it. I don’t need to smoke—I don’t smoke at all. I don’t need to drink. Just get me some water and a beat and I’m good!

Boyd: You’ve got the album coming soon. What can we expect?

Yella Beezy: Oh we’re coming, hard man. I’m going crazy on that. I’ve got a lot of features on there, and I’m just going up from here. I’m not looking back!

Boyd: A lot of people are drawn to your music. How does that feel? Do you feel pressure? What’s your mindset?

Yella Beezy: I’m just trying to make good music. When you try to make hits or force yourself to record, you don’t go at it the same. I just try to make good music. Whatever beat I hear—I just try to attack it for that day.

Boyd: I heard you voted for the first time this election. How was that?

Yella Beezy: It was cool bro! I was just trying something different and something new. I was trying to speak out for the people. If you’re in the right position you’ve got to say something!

Boyd: Quick question. What are your favorite kicks?

Yella Beezy: Definitely Jordan’s or some Air Forces for sure. The 13’s are my favorite! I also like the 5’s. You know what? All of them!

Boyd: You use TikTok more than most of the artists I meet. What’s your view on it?

Yella Beezy: If it’s going to help me or help my songs and streaming I’m gonna do it! That’s it. I’m sticking with it.

Boyd: Do you have any advice for emerging artists trying to make it?

Yella Beezy: Just grind and put the hard work in! Put some hustle behind those dreams. Don’t wait on anybody, just try to go out there and chase it. Make the music for everybody, not just what you like. Just make good music! 

A self-proclaimed ‘PlayStation Dude,’ Yella Beezy will be spending these next coming weeks recording and playing Madden with his beloved Dallas Cowboys. Be sure to stay on the lookout as Yella Beezy has some highly anticipated work coming in 2021.

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