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The power of TikTok's organic reach and algorithm helps elevate persistent and top-quality acts on the platform. Thanks to the platform, artists like Jack Harlow, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja Cat have even accelerated their careers. This is partly due to the viral trends that TikTok creators have made with their music, which directly correlates to TikTok’s audience checking out the music.  

This is the same case with Blu DeTiger. She is a twenty-three-year-old singer, bassist, and DJ based out of New York, NY. She started on TikTok during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown by posting TikToks of her playing the bass and covering music from several artists, including Russ, Janet Jackson, and Megan Thee Stallion. 

Her success on TikTok has elevated her to acquire over one million followers and closing in on twenty million likes. Additionally, she has nearly five hundred thousand followers on Instagram, posting her day-to-day and career highlights. On Spotify, Blu has almost one million monthly listeners, thanks to the success of her original music on the TikTok platform. 

Blu's hit song "Figure It Out" has amassed over thirty million streams on Spotify due to its catchy lyrics and the virality of the first verse. The song was released in April 2020, and currently has over three hundred thousand videos created to the music on TikTok alone. Additionally, people are still using the piece for TikToks today. So be sure to tune in below if you haven't heard the song yet! 

After releasing that first single, she then released "Cotton Candy Lemonade.” The song features airy guitar riffs that fill the bright end of the spectrum, with her vocals filling the middle of the track. When the chorus begins, she introduces a catchy, sliding bass line. In the chorus, she sings, "I wanna get lost with you. Picture waking up somewhere new." The song contains majestic and fantastical elements that make this stand out as one of her most listened-to tracks.

In March 2021, she released her seven-track project How Did We Get Here?, which also contains some of her most popular previous hits, including "Figure It Out" and "Cotton Candy Lemonade." How Did We Get Here? is a perfect introduction to the world of who the buzzing artist is. This EP contains components that only further prove that Blu will be a star for years to come with its eccentric and fun lyrics and production. 

Her track "Vintage" contains slices of modern and 80's new wave music, helping develop the message behind the song. The song opens with a funky bass melody, where Blu's vocals praise the melody introduced. However, what makes this song stand out from her plethora of other catchy songs is the addictive chorus. 

Within the chorus, she sings, "I'm a vintage girl. Hanging with the flashback kids, I need a vintage boy for my outfit." Merged with this catchy hook are layers of harmonies that make this track unforgettable. In short, the EP is composed of songs that, if they haven't already, can dominate the landscape on TikTok. Give it a listen below! 

In case you didn't know, her real name is actually Blu DeTiger. In an interview with Metal Magazine, she stated that her last name, DeTiger, is Dutch, stemming from her dad. She got her first name, Blu, from her brother, who suggested it before birth. 

She began her musical journey at the age of seven when she first picked up a bass guitar. Two years later, she would play with the School of Rock, a music education and concert program, until 2013. After that, Blu continued her education by attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for music. While only there for roughly two and half years, she would DJ at clubs and grow her music career. 

Furthermore, in the interview with Metal Magazine, she talks about her rise to fame thanks to TikTok. 

Tik Tok has allowed me to grow my fan base at such a higher rate than I was anticipating! It's been so amazing to witness. It's also allowed me to connect with fans during this time.

- Blu DeTiger, Metal Magazine

TikTok saw the musical talent that Blu possessed, and she utilized that to her full advantage. In an interview with Interview Magazine, she explains that she was in high school bands in middle school, and in high school, she would be in college bands. Then, when she discovered DJing at seventeen, she noted that it opened the floodgates for her creative expression. She notes that you control the room with DJing, and it gives off a more independent feeling, which is true in the essence of DJing. 

In short, Blu is a musical virtuoso who utilized the rapid growth of TikTok to let her groovy music and personality shine. With her dreamy, indie pop music reaching the airwaves of her millions of viewers on TikTok, Blu has begun to light a path for herself as a star in the music scene. With Blu closing off her 2021 tour, we look forward to hearing her next project and seeing her music continue to dominate the TikTok landscape. 

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