ONE37pm Talks to Fresco Trey About His Music Video Creation Process

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In this episode of Monday To Monday, we’re joined by Memphis’ own Fresco Trey, who just recently released his music video for “Draft Kings,” in collaboration with DraftKings. Boyd and Trey talk about what goes through Trey’s mind when creating a music video, what it was like to shoot in Memphis, and how his visions come to life. Additionally, he drops some advice for young artists and how important it is to believe in yourself. Tune in below!

They start the conversation with Boyd asking where Trey is currently, with Trey noting that he is in California right now, more specifically Orange County. Boyd then goes on to talk about Trey’s visuals, specifically how many he’s released and how well they’ve done. Following that, Boyd asks Trey how he goes about creating music videos and what stands out to him the most. Trey says that there is always a story to tell in them and he wants to make sure that it is cool and up-to-date. 

Boyd then asks Trey what music video stood out to him most, with Trey responding that it was definitely his video for “Spare Me The Pain.” Trey notes that it is based on the movie The Joker. Trey continues that the song and the movie correlated so well because the theme of both is feeling like an outcast and nobody ever hears them. Be sure to watch the video below! 

Following that conversation, Boyd goes into detail about his latest music video “Draft Kings,” which was a collaboration with the sports betting collection company. Boyd asks Trey what was different about this video. Trey responds noting that the theme was medieval and had a lot of effects in it, more than his previous videos. 

 Additionally, Trey goes on to say that he represented himself like a boss in it. He corroborates this by saying that he is comfortable with himself and is confident in himself. Trey says that he knows where he is at because of the work he put in and made it this far for a reason. He also says there is no reason to not be confident in yourself. Trey even voices that this video was shot in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee and it means a lot to shoot a video of that scale in your city. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, tune in below, it’s epic! 

Next, Boyd asks how the creative process of writing a song and creating the visuals intersect, asking when the visuals come to mind. Trey says that when he is making a song, that is the only thing he’s focused on at the time. He’ll then send it to his dad afterwards, where they both then ideate. When creating a song, Trey is looking to create the best resonating lyrics, so that is where his energy is during that creative process. 

Boyd then asks if there is a song from his latest EP, Heartbreak Diaries, that needs a visual. Trey said that his song “Alone” does, due to the magnitude of the song. Trey backs this up by saying that the emotion conveyed in the track was felt and loved by his audience. He further says that they need a video to multiply the feeling and add a visual aspect to it. If you haven’t heard Fresco’s emotion-filled song “Alone,” listen below. 

Finally, Boyd asks about Trey’s TikTok that went viral of him listening to his new song. Trey says that the song is called “Couple Hunnid” and that they’re trying to figure out the release date currently. Trey then mentions that the video was very organic and that’s why it did so well. He states that they finished recording the song and he wanted to hear it and that was his organic reaction, which was recorded by his friend Roberto. He posted it the next day, and the rest is history. 

If you’re an emerging artist or in the music industry, we hope this episode of Monday To Monday sparks some new ideas around the process of creating a music video. Additionally, if you haven’t checked out Trey’s music yet, be sure to check him out. His music video for “Draft Kings” is already getting very positive comments on YouTube. Tune in to this episode!

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