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If you’re unfamiliar with the baby goat also known as Lil Crush, real name Matthew Beachy, you have to get to know the rising artist. Lil Crush is an afro-colombian singer, songwriter, and performer hailing from Minnesota. Since 2019, Crush has released several singles, EPs, and albums. In just a short time frame, Crush has begun to put Minnesota on his back with songs such as “Lava Girl” and “Suni Lee,” an anthem dedicated to Minnesota’s very own gold medal-winning Olympian. 

We recently had Lil Crush on the Monday To Monday podcast with Mike Boyd Jr. Crush and Boyd talk about Minnesota, his latest album, video games, and Suni Lee on the episode. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already! 

Yesterday, November 2nd, Crush released his latest album, Baby Goat 4oreign, a ten-track project featuring different languages and vibes but leaving one confident message: Lil Crush is not going anywhere. There is a song for any listener, so be sure to tune in! 

The album opens up with “Sicily,” a synth-heavy and catchy melodic track that sets the tone for the whole album by delivering nothing but energy. The song also sees Crush rapping with a versatile flow, a rhythmic, hybrid blend of singing and rapping. Around the one-minute forty-second mark, Crush drops a verse in Spanish, a theme that will repeat throughout the project. 

In the second song, “Shakira,” Crush starts off the track with a clever reference in his lyrics. Crush says, “You got a body like Shakira ‘cause your hips don’t lie. Falling for you, the way I’m chasing you in my mind.” In that bar, Crush is referring to Shakira’s 2005 hit “Hips Don’t Lie.” Following those rhymes, Crush begins to release more Spanish lines. This type of delivery remains consistent throughout the piece, with Crush switching from English to Spanish. Two songs into the project, the listener already knows the flow and adaptability that Crush brings. 

Crush’s anthem “Wishing Well,” third on the tracklist, is filled with a synth pluck and filtered melody. In it, Crush wishes well to a girl with the lyrics, “I keep throwing all my dimes in a wishing well. Said that she want this for life, but I just can’t tell. I think she’s trying to leave me dry, so I wish her well.” Again, this is an extremely memorable song that you need to be sure you tune into! 

On “Maravillosa,” the fifth tune on the project, the production features a happy guitar mixed with distinct vocal backings on the lower frequencies of the spectrum. Similar vibes can be heard on “Morena,” with a more tropical feel to the song. Although Crush uses different instrumental arrangements throughout the project, he can still capture the listener’s attention and deliver the message that he is the “baby goat.” 

The final number on the track, “Ocean,” is an acoustic track that features a melodic guitar accompanied by several vocal layers by Crush. This stands out as the final piece to the album and the final nail in the coffin for non-believers of Crush’s music. This song shows off abilities as a fully-rounded artist with his vocal performances and ability to command awareness on a piece without any percussion, 808s, or ear-candy - just pure melody. 

This album is coming weeks after Lil Crush released his single “Lava Girl,” produced by Roark Bailey and Freebandz’s Richie Souf. This song has been catching a lot of buzz online and in the music scene since its release, gaining nearly seventy-five thousand streams, topping off as one of the most listened to songs by Crush to date, closing in on his song “Spice Girl.” 

The song is on repeat and appearing on tons of playlists for its catchy hook, “that girl hot hot hot, hotter than some lava.” If you haven’t heard the song yet, you need to tune in below! 

Before releasing his album, Crush dropped the music video for “Japan,” the opener off his last project, Baby Goat 3. The song opens up with the hook, “Taking flights out to Japan, my baby popped a Vyvanse, Staying up all night, she like private flying.” It is a common theme for Crush to open up a song with a chorus or hook to capture the listener’s attention almost instantly. The music video features a plane, sports car, lots of cash, and even a goat. The video is quickly approaching ten thousand views, so be sure to check it out below. 

Prior to releasing the music video mentioned above, he also released the music video for “Suni Lee.” If you are unfamiliar with Suni Lee, she is an eighteen-year-old Olympian who has won several gold medals. Additionally, she also hails from Minnesota, where Crush is also from. Crush mentions that he shot the music video at Suni Lee’s house with her parents and even performed it live at the state fair on the Monday To Monday podcast. Therefore, it seems only fitting for Crush to make a song for the Olympian, as Crush is looking to put on in a major way for Minnesota.  

If you want to learn more about Lil Crush, we previously wrote about the rising artist back in September. We go over “Suni Lee,” how he started music, and his album Baby Goat 3. So, give it a read if you want to learn more about the buzzing artist. 


We sat down with Crush to talk about his new album, the process of recording in a different language, and more!


  1. What can your new listeners expect from Baby Goat 4oureign

Baby Goat 4oureign is a Spanish collection that has a sound that the world hasn’t heard of. Listeners can expect to virtually and mentally travel around the world solely through the melody, cadence, instrumentals, and lyrics.

  1. Does the recording process differ when recording in a different language? 

Recording in a different language is the most fun type of recording, but the challenge and difference of recording in English is really just the grammar, tone, and pronunciation.

  1. What inspired you to create a project entirely in a foreign language?

I was inspired to make this Spanish collection for my family and friends over seas, being Colombian I really wanted to use that to my advantage and bring light in a different way to the Hispanic culture here in Minnesota and throughout the world.

  1. Were there any artists that you were listening to during the creation of this album?

During the process of making this collection I really kept to myself when it came to listening to other artists, I wanted to make something the world has never heard before

  1. How did your acoustic track “Ocean” come to be? 

“Ocean (Acoustic)” was originally produced by Dj Sidereal and only in English. I later    hopped in the studio with my guitar and made a rendition of Sidereal’s beat acoustically. After that was put down, I went over the English verse and re-recorded it In Spanish

If you don’t already follow Lil Crush on Instagram, be sure to do so ASAP to stay up to date with what the emerging artist is up to! You can expect lots of teasers, updates from the baby goat, and more! Tune in!

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