The Guns N' Roses Albums, Ranked

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Time to bust out the guns. Guns N' Roses that is. One of the greatest rock bands in history that has amassed over 100 million records sold, GNR has been consistently blessing our ears with incredible music for nearly 40 years. Now when you have a catalog that spans close to four decades, it's hard to definitively say what is the best (especially when you are putting your name behind the ranking). Thankfully, Guns N' Roses has made it rather easy for us because all of their albums are incredible. If you haven't already figured it out—we're taking a look at all 6 Guns N' Roses albums, ranked.

Time to bust out your top hats people, but first, a little history.

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When Were Guns N' Roses Founded?

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The early makings of Guns N' Roses dates back to 1984, when then-Hollywood Rose member Izzy Stradlin was living the L.A. Guns' Tracii Guns. The L.A. Guns needed a new singer, and Stradlin knew a guy—his name was Axl Rose. Ever heard of him? Anyway, a year later (March 1985) to be exact, Guns N' Roses was officially created by Rose (who came up with the idea after being fired by the L.A. Guns' manager), and the lineup at time went like this: Izzy Stradlin, Axl Rose, Rob Gardner, Tracii Guns and Ole Beich. Like a good percentage of bands (especially from that era), there was some lineup changes—Tracii Guns left and was replaced by a fellow names Slash.

Beich was fired after a couple of not-so-great rehearsals, and was replaced by Duff McKagan, and Rob Gardner quit, which resulted in Steve Adler replacing him. The lineup was finalized, and thus Guns N' Roses was birthed.

How Many Records Has Guns N' Roses Sold to Date?

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As we mentioned earlier, Guns N' Roses have sold over 100 million records (45 million of which are U.S. sales) to date. This number makes them of the best-selling acts in musical history.

What Is Guns N' Roses Best Selling Album?

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This has nothing to do with our album ranking by the way. Guns N' Roses' best-selling album is their debut Appetite for Destruction, which has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

Now onto the ranking.

6. Chinese Democracy (2008)

5. "The Spaghetti Incident?" (1993)

4. Use Your Illusion II (1991)

3. G N' R Lies (1988)

2. Use Your Illusion I (1991)

1. Appetite for Destruction (1987)

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