Jennesy Dream is Bringing the Sound of the 80s and 90s to TikTok

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Jennesy Dream

When you hear and see Jennesy Dream aka J. Boogie for the first time, you’re taken aback by her unique individuality and artistry. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen and heard an artist like her, and to be quite honest, it’s a breath of fresh air. A little bit of 1990s Queen Latifiah and MC Lyte with a Kool Moe Dee edge, Jennesy makes 1980s and 1990s inspired music, and is a one-man band that does everything herself. The little snippets she regularly posts on TikTok leave people wanting more, and it’s only a matter of time before you are seeing and hearing much more of her. Jennesy was kind enough to chat with us for an interview, which you can check out below.

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ONE37pm: Nice to be chatting with you Jennesy! Okay, let’s first start by having you introduce yourself to our audience.

Jennesy: It's a pleasure to speak with you; thank you for this interview! My name is Jennesy, Im born and raised from Tampa, Florida. I've been doing music since I was about 7 years old. The type of music I love to create is 80s and 90s-inspired music. I feel like, with my bubbly personality, this style of music compliments who I am the most.

ONE37pm: When did you first discover your passion for music and who were your biggest inspirations?

Jennesy: When I was young, I was always moved by music. I was the kid that would be on the dance floor at parties and get everyone singing and dancing together. It came so naturally to me, and I loved the way I made people feel when I entertained them with my talents. That's when I knew that music was part of who I am. I grew up listening to a lot of 80s hip-hop music, so my early inspirations were LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Run DMC, and Rakim. I also admired Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson when it came to pop music.

ONE37pm: Let’s talk about your musical style. It’s very 80s and 90s, and you remind me a lot of MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, etc., what draws you to that type of music?

Jennesy: The way women expressed themselves in their music, the messages they included in their songs, and the strong delivery and attitude they showed attracted me to that style of rap. Women like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte were very bold women in rap and promoted a lot of empowerment for women that I feel like the world needs to hear in today's music.

ONE37pm: How about your individual style? I notice you wear glasses a lot. Is that your signature look?

Jennesy: Yes! So my glasses are inspired by the rapper Kool Moe Dee. I love the futuristic vibe that it gives and definitely is a staple to my futuristic style that Im developing within my music and wardrobe.

ONE37pm: What are you currently working on right now music wise? You’re gaining quite a bit of traction on TikTok.

Jennesy: So right now, my goal is to continue to push my music through platforms like TikTok and YouTube to get people to know who I am. I'm currently working on new songs that will be dropping later this month or at the beginning of March 2023. I am definitely working on releasing more music videos for my songs to really show who Jennesy is and my vision as an artist.

ONE37pm: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Jennesy: In the next five years, I see myself living my dreams as an artist/entertainer, like touring the world, winning awards, meeting my supporters, and giving back. I'm also very interested in opening a business. I'm not sure exactly what I would be selling yet, but I definitely would love for my business to have an impact like Rihanna's with Fenty. I also love acting so I definitely see myself in TV shows and movies.

Make sure to keep up with Jennesy and her latest music releases on TikTok.

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