Keep An Eye Out For These Artists On Monday To Monday

Zalfa Imani

If you’re looking for a great selection of the freshest up-and-coming artists, look no further than the Monday To Monday playlist, curated by Mike Boyd Jr and Gary Vaynerchuk. Updated weekly, they include a culmination of hip-hop, pop, Latin, and the most memorable songs. This week’s curation features Fresco Trey, Millie Go Lightly, Satomaa, and more. Be sure to tune in below!

One song that stands out right away is Millie Go Lightly’s new release with “2 Girls, 1 Saloon.” Just coming off her last single release a few weeks ago, the British Barbie comes back with this fun, uptempo track. While the song has a short run time under one minute and thirty seconds, it has high replay value thanks to its catchy bars and mixture of unique elements. 

The song opens with a fast guitar sample on the high-end of the frequency. Then, Millie quickly hops on, delivering quick bars, something impressive as she is known for her singing abilities. Then on the chorus, Millie provides a unique, hybrid style, as she is delivering in a culmination of both rapping and singing. She delivers her ad-libs in singing to make it all the more impressive, although she may be rapping. Furthermore, even on her vibrato on rapping, she closes it with intoning components of her singing range. If you haven’t listened to it yet, be sure to check it out below!

Making a fresh appearance on the playlist is Lil Poppa, an artist hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. If you’re not familiar with Poppa, he is an artist gaining a lot of buzz right now. He recently released his song “Feenin’,” on December 10th, which already has half a million views on the music video. In addition, he currently boasts an impressive half a million followers on Instagram and half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Signed to Interscope Records and collaborating with major artists such as Polo G and Toosii, he is looking forward to having a big year in 2022. He is best known for his unique flow, with the rawness of an artist like Lil Baby while reconstructing melodies like Drake. His 2019 hit “Eternal Living” with Polo G has over thirty-two million views on YouTube and fourteen million streams on Spotify. Tune in below! 

Following Poppa is a playlist regular with Fresco Trey. While Trey had a dominant year in 2021, he is poised to make a massive leap in 2022. In 2021 alone, he released an EP, several singles, trending music videos, and even got a feature with Lil Tjay on his “Feel Good.” Trey is coming off his latest single, “Couple Hunnid,” complemented by his eye-catching music video. If you haven’t heard this song yet, tune in below, as we covered the release on ONE37pm!


In 2021, he received millions of streams and views across his social media platforms. Songs like “Feel Good” with Lil Tjay and “Fresh Off A Heartbreak” topped his discography for their catchy lyrics and memorable melodies. He even saw tremendous success on his music videos for songs like “Alone” and “Draft Kings.” He is an artist to have on your radar for 2022. 

Another newcomer to the playlist is KayCyy, an artist from Kenya, generating a buzz for his genre-bending flow. Additionally, he offers futuristic ad-libs and writing styles. While he is a newer artist, he has amassed a loyal following thus far, having over fifty thousand monthly listeners. Additionally, several of his songs, such as “No Luck,” “Good Over Bad,” and “Flew By You,” have all gained hundreds of thousands of listens across the globe. 

His single “STAY UP” was released on October 2nd and already has over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify. His most successful release, “Flew By You,” was released in August 2021 and already had over two hundred seventy thousand streams. In addition, he has over two hundred thousand views on the track’s music video, making this all the more impressive. Putting this on the timeline of his career so far shows the amount of buzz he’s gained over the past few months. This artist is a must-listen, as this won’t be the last time you hear of this artist. 

To conclude, whether it be newcomers or veterans of Monday To Monday, the playlist has a lot to offer in this week’s curation. While the playlist updates every week, you will see these artists on the playlist for a long time. Whether it be because of raw, rapping abilities, unique melodies, or a distinct flow, we believe in these artists, and we know that there will always be a song that you’ll enjoy on the playlist. So, be sure to give it a listen!

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