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Discovering new music, albums, and artists can feel exciting or shocking because you haven't heard it sooner. This is especially true when an artist is about to hit stardom. That is why you should tune into the Monday To Monday playlist! Curated by Mike Boyd Jr and Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), ONE37pm's playlist curation offers a wide range of emerging artists, new music, and a diverse range of genres, all before these artists pop off. 

If you haven't tuned into the Monday To Monday playlist this week, be sure to check it out! The sixty-eight track playlist contains some of the fastest-growing artists at the moment who are going to erupt! So tune in! 

The playlist opens with Tierra Whack's new three-song EP Rap?. Kicking off "Millions," Tierra delivers an unforgettable flow over a profound choir sample. The strident beat feels natural in correspondence with Tierra's voice, with nothing forced in her story-telling or rhymes. A perfect opening song for the playlist, Tierra raps about her dreams of making money and her dreams come true, a theme that resonates with most playlist listeners (for its title). 

On "Stand Up," Tierra raps over a bass-heavy melody, providing listeners with a confident message recognizing her skills. One lyric that is appealing to listeners on this song is when she raps, "Rather have the skill than the sex appeal." Comments on her music video are preaching this comment, noting that with all this success she's seen so far, she's still slept on. Give the EP a listen below!

Following Tierra's EP comes Lulú's single "911" with Adrian Be. The Mexican-based artist was recently on the Monday To Monday podcast with Mike Boyd Jr, where they talk about this single, in particular, her success on TikTok, how she got signed, and her love for fashion. They even talk about her creative process and, more specifically, her mindset when creating a song. If you want to learn about an emerging artist from Mexico, tune in below! 

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Following this single comes Lian Faz's 2020 song "Lo Nuestro." Singing over a beat with pop and electronic elements, Lian sings with a relaxing tone that makes this an easy listen. This song is unique because it contains bilingual lyrics that give a glimpse into her brand and potential as an artist. While the first two verses and the chorus are in Spanish, the third verse delivers English lyrics. For those who aren't familiar with Spanish, this helps the listener understand the story behind the song. This is a song you don't want to miss out on. 

Following this comes songs from Millie Go Lightly and Fase Yoda. Millie is coming off her latest single, "Right Time," which has received a lot of praise. Since the single's release, she has received over thirteen thousand streams on the songs. Boyd follows up this release with Yoda's "Butterflies" and "Messed Up." If you're unfamiliar with Yoda, he is gaining a lot of traction for his distinct branding, unique look, and use of TikTok. 

Going off the theme of artists utilizing TikTok, Boyd throws on Fresco Trey's "Fresh Off A Heartbreak" and "Draft Kings." Trey is coming off his EP "Heartbreak Diaries," which is propelling him into stardom, as his career is beginning to take off. Additionally, "Draft Kings" comes as a collaboration with the sports betting operator DraftKings, with the music video reaching over two million views. The song resonates with listeners for its crafty melodies and memorable rhymes. Tune in below! 

As you go deeper into the playlist, you can find artists like Polo Perks (Lil Polo Tee), Kamrin Houser, and Tom The Mail Man. These artists are all beginning to generate buzz thanks to their one-of-a-kind sound. If you aren't familiar with the playlist or this is your first time hearing about it, you need to give it a listen. It is updated weekly with new and sometimes unheard artists. Every week, there will be at least one song that you'll enjoy, if not more.

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