Be Sure to Tune Into Fresco Trey’s New EP ‘Heartbreak Diaries’

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On Friday, October 1, 2021, the Memphis-based artist Fresco Trey released his latest EP, Heartbreak Diaries. The seven-song EP features two previous releases with "Fresh Off A Heartbreak" and "Feel Good" featuring Lil Tjay. The additional five songs play a pivotal role in Trey's growth and development as an artist on the rise as the EP displays tremendous versatility and practical skills that will play a role in developing his repertoire and fanbase for years to come. If you haven't listened to it yet, you need to tune in below.

The EP opens with Trey's "Feel Good," initially released in 2020, but further built hype around the song when Lil Tjay hopped on the track. The title foreshadows the audience's feeling when listening to this song with its memorable guitar riff that compliments the catchy vocals. The song is quickly creeping up on one million views on its music video on YouTube. If you haven't heard this song before, we highly recommend giving it a listen below! 

One song that stuck out for its diversity and uniqueness was "Alone," the second track on the project. Contained in the song is an emotional Fresco Trey that brings a lot of energy to this track. What makes this song stand out is how Trey navigates the beat on this song. The production on this track is heavily influenced by electronic music, featuring a similar song structure, with a break, build-up, and drop (and repeat). The song also features unique and ear candy percussion and vocal chops, which can be found on the song's second drop.

On "Not That Person," you can find Fresco preaching to a person of interest that he is not the one for her. He goes off and sings, "She want Gucci and Chanel, expensive purses (Yeah). Just want a person to treat her well, I'm not that person nah (Nah)." One line that resonates with the listeners is when he says, "Small town girl that fell in love with this city," which had several people referencing it within the comments on the song. In the piece "Should've Known," Trey's raw emotions pour onto the track, questioning if he'll ever be able to love and trust someone again. You can hear Trey's pain conveyed on the track, mainly when he raps, "Sippin Henny just to get over you, the sh*t I'm going through." The song's theme is that he should have known better than to trust the women that did him wrong.

Back in January 2021, Mike Boyd interviewed Fresco Trey, be sure to give it a read!


As expected from the title, Fresco Trey explores his struggles with heartbreak throughout this EP. The whole project is filled with catchy guitar riffs that are only outshined by Fresco Trey's performance on the song. If you have never heard of Fresco Trey, you need to tune in now before it's too late. Be sure to give this project a listen, and if you like what you hear - be sure to follow Fresco on social media! 




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