Leo Conoza’s Latest Sentimental Release “stay over”

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With his latest release, "stay over,” the Tampa-based artist, Leo Conoza, is looking to continue to develop the buzz that he created earlier this year. If you are unfamiliar with Leo Conoza, be sure to give this article a read.


Additionally, Mike Boyd Jr and guest co-host Aaron "The Don" Dukes had Leo on the Monday To Monday podcast in July to discuss his music career. The podcast talks about Leo's summer anthem "21", his influences as an artist, and his first writing session with another artist. Be sure to give this episode a listen if you haven't already.

On "stay over," the track is dominated by elements of R&B and 90's hip-hop. The tune opens with a slow bass-heavy melody that features different types of bells. The song further layers a piano synth similar to a Rhodes piano. This is complemented by the airy pads and soothing guitar chord progressions. The song was produced by Devin Mailk, a producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, Devin delivers old-school west coast energy while incorporating a modern twist. 

In the piece, Leo delivers tranquilizing and comforting harmonies. Leo is singing at the beginning of the song, asking somebody to stay the night, saying that they are what he needs. Following that, Leo delivers a lower resonating verse trying to convince the subject to stay, as the title makes evident. Underneath these vocals, you can consistently hear Leo belting a corresponding harmony, filling the whole spectrum of the track. 

Additionally, Leo surfaces sentimental lyrics throughout the song that listeners can feel. For example, Leo sings, "We are looking for something, found everything that I want in you. He gives her hugs, but it's nothing compared to the way I be holding you." These lyrics help Leo deliver the main message behind the song. Although his interest may be involved with another person, they don't compare to who he is. If you haven't heard the song yet, tune in below!

In addition to the song, Leo released a thoughtful music video filled with loads of metaphors and complex imagery. As the song's title and message are evident to the song's message, the music video contains images of sensual gratification and bloodshed. Additionally, the video shows a crucifixion. Be sure to check out the video below. 

Keep an eye out for Leo, as he is releasing his upcoming project soon. As Leo has delivered creative works like this in the past, you can expect more creative storytelling from Leo with the upcoming project and more releases. So be sure to stay tuned in! 

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