Meet Leo Conoza, One of Our Favorite Emerging Artists from Florida

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Leo Conoza is a contemporary singer, rapper, and songwriter based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. The artist has had an early start in entertainment, as he used to perform in front of his family and friends for fun. Eventually, Leo made a push in performance arts when he got older. Leo would perform in talent shows and poetry slams, which would only contribute further to his career development.

Leo and Aaron, a guest host of Monday To Monday, sat down back in July 2021 to discuss his new music, his biggest inspirations, and what it is like to be a creator. Tune in to the episode below.

In 2019, Leo stepped into the music scene with Luvr Boi, a two-song EP that features heavy R&B and neo-soul influences. On the song “Sprung,” the production is accompanied by a slow, reverberated electric guitar. The pacifying execution by Leo makes this song an easy listening and relaxing experience. In “Moons,” the song exhibits Leo’s talents as a musician. The overall theme of the project is slow, meaningful pieces of music meant to liberate the listener. 

In April, fellow Tampa Bay artist Iamdoechii released her song “TRUTH,” featuring Leo Conoza off her EP BRA-LESS. On this track, you can hear Doechii and Leo’s chemistry together. Doechii and Leo’s flows are perfectly contrasting. Leo’s confidence compliments Doechii’s theme across the song with his aggressive and attention-grabbing flow. 

Tune in to “TRUTH” below! 

More recently, Leo released “21”, his standout single that has received thousands of plays on Spotify. The overall message behind this song is that Leo is young and will be living life to the fullest and having fun. In addition, Leo noted that the song is a perfect summer song made for listeners to dance and do what they love!

Be sure to tune in below!

If you’re interested in Leo and his work, be sure to stay tuned on social media and streaming platforms for his upcoming releases!

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