Why You Need To Listen to Mexico's Lil Benjas

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Hailing from Mexico is Lil Benjas, a rising artist who is beginning to make a splash with his consistent releases and visuals. Since the beginning of 2021, Benjas has already released four music videos, an EP, and three singles. Stay tuned, as we hear he has big plans for 2022 as well!

Benjas was recently on the Monday To Monday podcast with Mike Boyd back in August. In the episode, they talk about his music video for "Tarde," his past live performances, and the early successes that he has seen so far. If you enjoy listening to international artists or gaining a different perspective from artists of different cultures outside of the USA, this episode is a must-listen!

Born on August 16, 1996, Lil Benjas, real name Jorge Eduardo Morales Rodríguez, is a twenty-five-year-old singer, musician, and performer based in Monterrey, Mexico. Working on his craft for around five years now, his life revolves around creating music and developing his career. 

Benjas came out the door of 2021 with "Lluvia" in February. The track has a highly catchy chorus, even if you do not understand Spanish. In the chorus, he sings, “si me la vacilo tranquilo se congelan Ya no estoy broken, ahora subo la botella.” The song's title translates to "Rain," with the message behind the song being about making moves and having a positive attitude. 

Additionally, Benjas released an appealing music video for the song. It features him on fire and filming different movie scenes while conveying the message of the song. Since the release of the music video, it has received over forty thousand views on YouTube. Check it out below!

Benjas would continue to build off the hype he was receiving by releasing his EP Dispersión on June 25, 2021. The project is seven tracks with a wide variety of genre blends, ranging from trap, pop, and R&B. Additionally, some of Benjas' standout singles such as "Plugg" and "Nadie Como Tú" were included on the project. 

One week before the release, Benjas dropped "Plugg," featuring Neqer, along with the music video. The song's catchy hook has Benjas rapping and singing about calling his plug and receiving dopamine. Benjas delivers quick and witty rhymes with Neqer's verse aiding the message Benjas is trying to convey. Watch the music video and tune in to the song below! 

Also on the project is "Tarde," a captivating song with an even more captivating video. The song's spacious pads and resonating guitar conform well with their 808s tucked in the back of the mix. Furthermore, Benjas noted in the Monday To Monday podcast episode that the production of "Tarde" overwhelmed him, in a good way, as they brought in a lot of instruments and guitars of which he hadn't worked with in a production session up until that point.

The video was released on June 25, the same day the EP was released, and has since gained over forty thousand views. He even notes in the description of the video that the video was shot on an iPhone. This is an interesting note as the quality of the video, color correction, and post-production editing all feel like a significant production project. 

"There were a lot of ups and downs because there was a car wreck, which was real. We used that as a part of the video, but the direction was perfect, and the final result was perfect. We weren't expecting that!" 

More recently, Benjas collaborated with Chel Maya on their collaborative single "Señal." The song is addictive, and an easy listen in part to its pop elements while also sprinkling in trap percussion and electronic synth. These components, with their distinct vocals, make this a noteworthy song for both Chel and Benjas. You need to tune in below before this song blows up!

In conclusion, Benjas is an artist that you need to keep in mind when looking for new artists to support in 2022. His unique style and versatility will set him apart in the Spanish-speaking trap scene and make him a force to be reckoned with! So, be sure to follow Benjas and keep an eye out for the budding artist!

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