Marco Plus Talks About His Latest Album and Atlanta Culture

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On this week's episode of Monday To Monday, we are joined by Atlanta's Marco Plus. Marco is an emerging artist who recently released his new album tha souf got sum 2 say, a nineteen-track project, Marco's longest project to date. Boyd and Marco talk about his new album, Marco's creation process, and the inspiration behind the attention-grabbing cover art in the episode. Additionally, Boyd goes into detail on how Marco always demands attention with his delivery and beat selection. So tune in below to hear what the "souf" has to say on this episode of Monday to Monday!

Boyd kicks off the conversation by asking where Marco is, with Marco responding that he is in his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Boyd then notes that today is a big day as his latest album tha souf got sum 2 say was released just hours ago. Marco agrees and states that it was almost messed up due to a distribution error on Spotify, but he has received nothing but positive feedback. He notes that he wishes the project's rollout was better, but it's good to hear that people are enjoying the project.

Boyd then asks Marco, for people unfamiliar with the artist, what track new listeners should start with. Marco says that he loves "Danger Zone" and believes new listeners would enjoy it too. Additionally, he recently released a music video for the song as well. Marco says that the music video reminds him of an indie movie with drama and "tongue in cheek" comedy. So, if you haven't heard the album yet, tune in! 

He speaks on the song's meaning, saying that he has seen people's mistakes, kept being himself, and avoided being preyed on. Marco continues to say that the project has an independent feeling, and it sounds like something that a specific demographic of listeners would love. Furthermore, Marco notes that he also likes the track "Lately" and thinks the new listeners should check it out as well. Marco resumes by saying that he wants to see the magnitude of what people think before he judges what songs are his favorite. 

Boyd then asks Marco about his creation process, asking how he puts songs together. Marco explicitly mentions that for "Danger Zone," he wrote down the first verse and then freestyle the second verse. This process would be a common thing that he would continue to do on the album entirely. Marco vocalizes this process by saying that it's boring and mundane when a song is written first and then you have to go to the studio to record it, at least for him.

Mike then brings up Atlanta, as he has been there numerous times, and asks what studio Marco recorded this project at. Marco says that he ironically recorded it in Marietta, in Northern Atlanta, at Studio 17. While that studio is now closed, Marco said he has been working on this project since the release of Sparco back in April 2021. 

Continuing the conversation on the album, Boyd asks how the project came to be. Marco stated that the album was initially a five-song EP, then it turned to ten songs before finally coming to the final nineteen tracks we have today. Marco says he was trying to make a cool project with a few songs as a "warmup," but he's a perfectionist, and when he saw the vision, he acted on it. Marco even explains that he is very hands-on with the whole project, playing a role in the mixing and production in some way or another. 

During the rest of the conversation, they talk about Atlanta strip clubs, the meaning behind Marco’s eye-catching album artwork, other Atlanta musicians, and more! Marco even asks Boyd how the name ONE37pm came to be, so be sure to listen to the end to find out! This is an episode you can't miss, so be sure to tune in! 

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