2KBABY Talks ‘Pregame Rituals’ and Shares Advice With the Fans

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On this week’s episode of our podcast Monday to Monday, Boyd chats with Kentucky rapper 2KBABY. This is an extra special episode, because—as a part of ONE37pm’s new Stream and Greet series—this interview also features questions from the fans. Boyd speaks to 2KBABY about his latest project, making it out of Louisville, Kentucky and trusting his gut when it comes to releasing music. After Boyd’s interview and an a cappella performance of “HALF A MILLI”, 2K brings in some fans who ask him questions about finding his voice, the importance of family, and how to stay relevant in 2020.

2K is staying busy during the quarantine. “I shot like… I’d say, three, four music videos in the past week,” he says. As in our last interview with the Kentucky hit-maker, 2KBABY only drops dimes. On his impetus behind making music, he says: “My biggest thing, I just wanted people to hear me. And appreciate my music.” He loves his music and emphasizes the importance of enjoying your own art. “Your music gotta be hard to you,” he says, before adding, “You don’t wanna look back down the road and have any regrets about nothing. Do what you want to do at the end of the day.”

The episode features an a cappella version of “HALF A MILLI,” followed by a discussion of 2K’s recent project, Pregame Rituals. Boyd asks him for the thought process behind “HALF A MILLI,” to which he responds, “Shit. Exactly what I said. Half a milli in the bank, this shit is not what you think.” Money isn’t everything. 2KBABY also reveals that his favorite track on the album is “20K.”

The rest of this episode includes questions from the fans, who got an opportunity to stream alongside 2K and ask him their most pressing questions. When the first fan pops up, 2KBABY recognizes him and shares how important his fanbase is for him as an artist. “This is one of my biggest supporters. I’m already knowing off the top. You know I really pay attention to my fanbase. Because y’all really damn near all I got. Without y’all, this shit ain’t happening. None of this shit—I wouldn’t have none of this without y’all,” he says. 

Ultimately, in his responses to fans, 2K drops too many dimes to cover here. If you want to hear all he has to offer, you’ll have to listen to the full episode. But we’ll give you a sneak peek of some of the best quotes below:

On family: “Family is everything. Family is who I do it for […] As soon as I got my first check, ‘Granny, where you wanna move? Pick it out. I got you.’” 

On some dream collabs: “I wanna collaborate with Post Malone, Lil Wayne, T-Pain. Shit, I wish I could collab with Michael Jackson.”

On building your fanbase: “The only way your fans is gonna see you as the artist that you want them to see you as, or the superstar you want them to see you as, you gotta move, think like that, and you gotta see yourself like that.”

On consistency: “You gotta keep feedin’ em. And the more you feed ‘em—the more bread you throw out there, the more birds is gonna keep on flocking."

If you loved this episode, check out last week’s episode, which features Boyd interviewing trap star Kap G. And make sure to listen to 2KBABY’s EP, Pregame Rituals, available now on all major streaming platforms.

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