Feid on Songwriting, 'FERXXO' and How He’s Getting His Music Heard

“It’s like a dream come true.”

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On this week’s episode of our podcast, Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd chats with Reggaeton singer and songwriter, Feid. We’re switching up the Monday to Monday format under quarantine, with every episode now being pulled from a weekly live stream on Twitch hosted by ONE37pm, called Stream and Greet. Every Monday, Boyd conducts a Q&A with artists, followed by a special performance, and finally, questions from the fans. You can watch Stream and Greet every Monday at 3pm ET on our Twitch channel.

Boyd opens the interview asking Feid about the differences between working as a songwriter (he co-wrote “Ginza” by J Balvin, among other hits) and as an artist. “Right now, I’m having so much fun, because it’s my art, you know? So I can say whatever I want in my songs,” he says. Songwriting for himself has given Feid full control and artistic license over his music. “It’s like, I have no limits to create right now. I’m enjoying this a lot,” he says with a big smile.

Feid then does a performance of one of the hits off of his recent project, “PORFA,” which you can listen to around the 2:50 mark of the podcast. The performance segues into a conversation about Feid’s recent project, FERXXO (VOL 1: M.O.R), with Boyd asking him how he feels about the response. “I was working on things with love, you know? And when you do things with love, a lot of good things happen. But I didn’t know that this thing was gonna happen… Like everybody’s enjoying it,” he says before adding: “So I’m very happy. It’s like a dream come true.”

Feid then takes questions from guests, many of which are international fans, further highlighting how globally successful Feid’s recent project, FERXXO (VOL 1: M.O.R) has been. He takes questions from fans in Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador, just to name a few. On his growing global success, Feid says: “That’s what is cool with my music. I have like a lot of people in the whole world, and it’s like getting bigger every day, so that’s cool, that's cool.”

The same charisma that makes Feid’s music so addicting is on full display throughout the entirety of the guest Q and A. His smile lights up the stream, and he manages to put a huge smile on the face of every fan who joins. It’s truly a joy to watch; Feid’s fans love him, but—maybe even more importantly—Feid loves his fans. 

Boyd asks Feid one more question near the end of the interview: “What are you doing to get your music heard?” And Feid’s got a great answer. “I’m always thinking in experiences and trying to put that on songs. And I guess that’s what makes my songs real to everybody,” he says before smiling.

If you loved this episode of Monday to Monday, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when Boyd and fans spoke with—and heard a performance from—Kentucky rapper 2KBABY. 

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