Lil Keed Talks 'Trapped On Cleveland 3,' Gaming and "Snake" Going Viral

“I wanted to tell a story through each song”

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This week on our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd chats with Atlanta rapper Lil Keed. The interview was conducted over Facetime and is short and sweet. They discuss Keed’s upcoming Trapped On Cleveland 3 project, which video games he’s playing during quarantine, how quarantine has been affecting him as a parent and his latest TikTok challenge.

Lil Keed first addresses his upcoming album, which he is both immensely excited for and deeply proud of. On the process of putting together the album, “I wanted to tell a story through each song,” he says. The album is set to be 20 tracks, and Keed plans to include an older song as a bonus track. He tells Boyd that he wanted to include an older song to demonstrate how he has grown as an artist. “It gonna tell you like, where I came from, how everything started, to where I’m at now,” he says. 

Boyd goes on to ask Lil Keed what video games he’s been playing during the quarantine. “I’m playing Madden and Call of Duty,” he says. Apparently, Lil Gotit (Keed’s brother and fellow Atlanta rap superstar) is a master of UFC. Speaking of his brother’s immaculate video game performance, Keed says: “He undefeated, I ain’t seen nobody beat him yet.”

Keed’s been spending a lot of time with his daughter recently under quarantine but notes that that isn’t new for him. “I always spent time with my daughter. Doesn’t matter what I do. Like when I’m outta town, I make sure I get back, make sure I spend time with her. I always did that,” he says. You can really hear in his voice how much he loves and values his relationship with his daughter. “I love spending time with my daughter, you feel me, because it’s the best feeling ever, being a father,” he says.

They close the interview discussing Keed’s recent explosion on TikTok. His song, “Snake” was the soundtrack to a viral trend on the app. Keed posted his own contribution to the trend (he joined the app off of Gary V’s advice) and had a pretty funny experience after making alterations to the dance. “Everybody was coming in like, ‘you not doing the challenge right.’ That’s the point! I don’t gotta do the challenge like everybody else. That’s the point of the video. It’s my song!” he says, before laughing. 

If you loved this episode and want to hear Boyd chop it up with more rappers, producers and managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode of Monday to Monday when he sat down with producer A Lau. 

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