Catching Up with Lil Polo Tee to Discuss Surf Gang and More

The artist and Surf Gang member join the Monday to Monday podcast this week

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Lil Polo Tee (also known as Polo Perks) checks in with Mike Boyd to discuss Surf Gang, performing, and upcoming music on this week's episode of the Monday to Monday Podcast. Lil Polo Tee taps in to discuss Surf Gang's latest project, SGV1, along with his latest music video for "6am" and the meaning behind it. 

They kick off the conversation by talking about MoMA on August 7th with Surf Gang. Polo noted that it was an incredible experience because it was a different crowd and was an environment he's never been involved in.

Talking about "6am" from the Surf Gang album SGV1, Polo states that the video bases this on a true story. Polo explains that it's meant to represent a day in his life performing at the studio and the trials and tribulations of the daily grind - still going at 6 AM. Boyd and Polo continue their conversation by discussing the time and effort it takes to become a successful artist. Polo notes that it can take five to ten years due to the number of things one has to go through to get to that point, adding that it's a lot of rejections and no's. Be sure to watch the "6am" music video below. 

In the next segment, Boyd asks Polo about the school bus performance and how it all went down. Polo stated that they went to "hell and back" to put that event together. Additionally, he added they didn't find a location until the last minute. Finally, Boyd jokingly asks Polo how they got on top of the bus, where Polo mentioned his 6'7" brother threw him up there. Watch the music video for "Woah" below to see clips of the concert.

Following the discussion of the New York City show, they talked about their recent show in Los Angeles. Polo commented that the original capacity was 350, but the venue upped it to 500 on short notice because of their loyal following. Eventually, over 700 loyal Surf Gang fans pulled up for the concert. When Boyd asked if Polo was in shock at the love shown on the west coast, he said he wasn't. Polo says that platforms such as TikTok, Soundcloud, and YouTube make the reach of your audience unlimited and contribute to their ever-growing fanbase. Polo mentions that they have an upcoming show in Los Angeles as well, so if you're interested in Surf Gang and Polo, be sure to check it out! 

Polo announced that he is currently working on his upcoming project; although he couldn't give us a date, he assured us that it would drop before the year's end. He confirmed the title of his album would be ICFM 3, the sequel to his previous two albums I.C.F.M and Icfm 2. He said for this new project that it's a wrap-up and "the proof is in the pudding." He also noted that he has tracks with fellow Surf Gang members and producers Harrison and EvilGiane. Check out the last installment of Icfm 2 below! 

In the interview, Boyd and Polo talk about "Sweet Victory," a track that Boyd heard while in a studio session with Polo. When Boyd asked Polo to tell him something about the way, he said that the song was his first time in Atlanta to record that song. In addition, it felt good for him to be in his own lane. 

Be sure to check out this episode to dive more into depth with Polo, whether you are a fan of him or never heard of him at all. There is a lot to unload about this artist, and you'll want to know about him sooner rather than later. 

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