Who is BashfortheWorld? Meet The Artist That Has Texas Rallying Behind Him

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With social media playing a runaway effect on an artist's probability of success, it's not always about being flashy, and that's the case for the authentic and rising artist BashfortheWorld. 

The Texas-based artist stays discreet on social media but lets his music speak for him. His fans are behind that, as he has been gaining a loyal following on Instagram and Soundcloud. His followers often hype up unreleased songs, asking Bash to drop his latest tracks and always displaying nothing but positive affections. 

BashfortheWorld is a rising star in the music scene, beginning to make a splash on streaming platforms. Bash's debut project Me, Myself, & I has gained a lot of hype on streaming platforms, with the project receiving over 1,000,000 plays. 

Not much is known about BashfortheWorld, but the artist has been releasing music for over three years now. Bash's flow is unique, and the lyrics are evident in his versatility. In addition, Bash puts his confidence in the forefront of his music which is apparent on projects such as Un Verano en Nueva York and Me, Myself, & I

Bash released his latest EP, Un Verano en Nueva York, in May of 2021. The three-track EP appears to prove that Bash will reap the benefits of his hard work and persistence over the past three years of releasing music and perfecting his craft. In the song "Cookout," Bash raps about his self-worth. In "Cookout," he mentions looking out for people that drain his energy and making money moves with the right team around him. Then, in "Fireworks," Bash is foretelling his success and that he is on the right track. Finally, in "Moe Texas," Bash compares his old life to what is to come, saying that he is not content with where he is and is looking to improve.  

Shortly after releasing Un Verano en Nueva York, Bash dropped "Only Child," a Soundcloud exclusive single. His listeners were quick to respond to the track, offering nothing but positive sentiments regarding the song. Bash also provides a pioneering form of lyricism that emphasizes a shorter articulation of lyrics, allowing for more to flow through that wouldn't otherwise. 

It is clear that Bash's artistry and brand are at the forefront of his career, which is observed on his cover art and social media; there is no denying his authenticity. This is one factor that attributes to Bash's ever-growing cult-like fanbase. It's also important to note that certain cities within Texas are constantly evolving culturally, and they are seeing more artists emerge, such as Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Tribe Mafia. This factor, mixed with Bash's brand, creates an artist his audience is excited to see grow. 

If this is an artist you may vibe with, give his most recent EP a listen! 

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