Answering Your Voicemails About NFTs and Music

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On this week’s episode of the Monday To Monday podcast, Mike Boyd Jr is again joined by guest co-host Emily Lorimer, producer and editor. This episode talks about making your fans care about NFTs, minting NFTs, and even getting started. So be sure to check out this episode to learn more about the NFT sphere within music.

The episode kicks off with Boyd answering a voicemail from a listener named Joel. He wants to know how we can get into NFTs, as he is just dipping his toes in the water right now. Boyd notes that many people want to dive into NFTs and don’t know-how, saying that this is okay because it is still so early. He then mentions checking out other projects and podcasts to learn more about the space.

He further explains that it is all about access. He exclaims that the number one thing is doing what the community wants. He also doubles down and notes that it is crucial to educate them. He explains that some of your fans or followers may not know much about NFTs, cryptocurrency, or web3. By understanding what your audience wants to see, possibly purchase, and what they know about the space, you can cultivate a long-lasting community and project. 

The next question comes from Miles, a band member in The Wonderlands. Miles asks how you can even ask fans to purchase your NFTs in the first place when releasing a project. He further asks how to get your audience invested in your project. Mike Boyd says to look at NFTs as if they are anything else on the shelves at a store. He notes that if people want it, they will get it. He pointed out that the target demographic must be relevant to what the NFTs are offering. 

Boyd further explains that if you know your target audience well, you can sell them with value easily. Boyd explains that if you are a musician who plays guitar, and your fan wants to learn how to play guitar, by incorporating lessons into your NFT project (or something in that regard.) 

Emily then brings up ONE37pm’s 25 Days of POAP. If you’re unfamiliar with the campaign, ONE37pm releases twenty-five different POAPs every day until Christmas. These POAPs, while limited in quantity, have been all the rage in our Discord and across our social media. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out this article below. 

25 Days Of POAP

The final question comes from a listener named Mike. He notes that he is a photographer and videographer in the music space, capturing moments on stage with artists. Mike wants to dive into the metaverse by minting these videos and photos collaborating with the artist and releasing them as NFTs. Mike asks Boyd how he can get into the space and what he should do. 

Boyd says it can get complicated with music and NFTs, especially dealing with music, royalties, usage rights, etc., but he would put the video file on the landing page, and the NFT could be a setlist from a show. This type of emergence is consistent with his brand and how he can implement it without going through different hoops to release the NFT project. 

Emily and Mike continue their conversation about NFTs and activations within the space. Mike then explains the best way of getting ahold of him. He notes that engaging with him on TikTok and Instagram and sending texts and voicemails to the Monday To Monday phone number leads to a better chance! While he listens to a lot of listener-submitted music, he can’t listen to it all - so do what you can to stand out! Also, he said that if you don’t make it on the playlist, keep trying again! Be sure to follow Mike Boyd on TikTok! 

Be sure to keep up to date with Mike Boyd and ONE37pm, especially if you’re looking into the NFT space! Also, drop us a voicemail if you have any questions about the music industry. This is one of the most exciting times in the music industry, and we are looking forward to growing in the space alongside our fellow musicians and industry professionals!

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