The Come-Up of Zeus, 645AR and the SOS Crew

“I just like seeing people win”

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This week on our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd Jr. sits down with manager Zeus and the SOS Crew. The episode focuses on community and the bond of a group; when one member is doing well, everyone is. Boyd speaks with the crew—@tonyshhnow @645ar @10kdunkin and @jwitdabeam on Instagram—about their come-ups, how they all met, 645AR’s high-pitched rapping voice, branding for the group and their Finessin’ Da Industry Project.

Boyd and Zeus talk about the manager’s genesis in the music industry and his process of creating Trap Rock: “It was a way to make music without having any boundaries.” Zeus goes on to discuss his relationships with Lil Yachty and Trinidad James and their different responses to the SOS gang’s brand. Of James, he says, “Trinidad is like my bigger brother.” The manager also tackles the hustle and why he loves working with the SOS Crew: “I just like seeing people win.”

The podcast also covers the importance of having a group mentality. “I’m not just like out here pushing four dudes that can rap,” Zeus said. “I’m pushing a brotherhood, and they gonna do whatever they wanna do.” The artists agree; they feel like everyone else in the crew has their back. It’s part of what makes the group special.  

I’m not just like out here pushing four dudes that can rap. I’m pushing a brotherhood.

- Zeus on managing the SOS Crew

The episode dives into the reasoning behind AR’s unique sound (his use of a baby voice on some of their hits), with 645AR telling Boyd, “A lot of shit sound alike, it sound the same. So I was like, how can I step out?” The group addresses their music-making process and how it sets them apart. Speaking on their new project, Finessin’ Da Industry, 10KDunkin says, “You can listen to that tape and tell we was having fun that whole time. We just go in there. We make music.” 645AR builds on this commitment to fun: “We gonna finesse the industry by having fun.”

The team finishes the episode by talking about their plans for 2020. Everyone’s got a tape on the way. Between their group and solo projects, 2020 is definitely going to be a huge year for the SOS Crew.

Episode 4: The SOS Crew

If you loved this episode and want to hear Mike Boyd chop it up with even more rappers/producers/hustlers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when Boyd sat down with manager Josh Montana.

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