Monthly Music Roundup: April 2023

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Welcome back to yet another monthly music roundup! This time, we'll be highlighting some of our favorite music releases from April 2023.

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This past month proved to be an eventful one in the music world. We were blessed with drops from some of our favorite artists, and even found new artists who earned our attention with their distinct, impressive sounds. Let's kick off this monthly music roundup with what was arguably our favorite drop!

FEATURED: Lil Yachty Brings Out The "Poland" Voice on "Strike (Holster)"

After a long few months of anticipation following its leak, "Holster" (as it was known back then) was finally unveiled by Lil Yachty as a single. Today we've chosen this as our featured drop thanks to the notably close attention to detail that was paid to the drop by Yachty and his team.

A few things to note:

  • The song had leaked, and Yachty was aware of that, so he included the name of the leak (what the fans had named it based on the lyrics) in the song title.
  • There was so much hype behind this, and for good reason. Yachty decided to break out the same underwater-sounding vocal approach from his viral hit "Poland," which set the stage for this to be another special moment from the start.
  • Yachty dropped the song as a single, while including two songs from his January 2023 album, Let's Start Here: "the BLACK seminole." and "drive ME crazy!" This approach is a tasteful way to redirect attention from a new viral moment to his biggest overall focus, his recent album.
  • Cole Bennett ended up directing the video, which has been proven time and time again to be valuable on both the creative and marketing sides of things. It was only right, especially on the heels of Cole directing the video for "Poland" as well.

Top ONE37pm Music Content From April

April proved to be another busy month in the ONE37pm with all of the artist visits going on. Looking back, it's safe to say April was a success. Check out some of our favorite moments from the month:

Our Favorite Releases From This Month

Across multiple genres, here are some of our favorite drops from the month of April!

Curren$y, Jermaine Dupri - 'For Motivational Use Only, Vol. 1' [Album]



Dc2Trill - "Free Mind Freestyle"

berlioz - "jazz is for ordinary people"


Benji Blue Bills - "TIFFANY"

Dee Aura - 'NY State of Mind' [Album]

Boog 100 - "NiKe YeeZy"

Zombie Juice - 'Love Without Conditions' [Album]

Presley Regier - "Nevermind"

Dominic Fike - "Dancing in the Courthouse"

Dina Ayada - "Games"

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