Monthly Music Roundup: February 2023

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Last month, we kicked off our monthly music roundup series with a selection of the best drops from the month. On today's monthly music roundup, we're continuing the same trend, and keying you in on the absolute best drops that deserve your attention from the past few weeks.

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G Perico and DJ Drama - "Ask G4"

At the end of January, G Perico and DJ Drama announced their collaborative mixtape, Hot Shot, as well as a tour of the same name, which kicks off at the end of March. To start the rollout, the duo dropped off the first single at the end of last week, called "Ask G4." The song is exactly what fans have been hoping for, and it proved to be an exciting glance at the bigger collaboration at hand.

Ice Spice and PinkPanthress - "Boy's a liar Pt. 2"

Throughout February, TikTok and other social media platforms have been absolutely blowing up with Ice Spice and PinkPanthress' collab EP, "Boy's a liar" and "Boy's a liar Pt. 2." Not only have the original music and video been going viral, but so have new spinoffs of the song, which remix it with other popular hits. This has only added fuel to a fire that's already strongly kindled.

Yeat - 'AftërLyfe' (Album)

On the heels of Yeat's explosive year in 2022, the rapper has kicked off 2023 in the best way possible. His newest album, AftërLyfe, is a clear demonstration of just how dedicated his core audience is: according to UndergroundSound, this newest drop from Yeat pulled in over 18 million streams on its release day - and that's just on Spotify alone. The 22-song project is yet another sign that Yeat isn't planning on slowing down anytime soon. Across this huge selection of music, there are only 3 features: Youngboy Never Broke Again, Kranky Kranky, and Luh geeky - the second and third names being alter egos of the star rapper. Yeat's built an entire culture around his art, and it's fueled a massive period of growth for him over the course of the last couple years.

Conway the Machine and Sauce Walka - "Super Bowl (feat. Juicy J)"

Conway the Machine surprised his devoted fanbase with an exciting new release alongside Sauce Walka and Juicy J, which was also produced by Juicy J as well. The song shows off Conway's ability, as his fans have grown to expect, while also adding an exciting southern element to the mix with his two noteworthy collaborators.

Rome Streetz and Big Ghost Ltd - 'Wasn't Built In A Day' (Album)

While we're talking about Griselda, we absolutely have to mention Rome Streetz's latest album, Wasn't Built In A Day, which proved to be a step in the right direction on the heels of his incredible 2022 album, Kiss The Ring. It's not easy to put together one incredible project, let alone over ten. Rome makes the difficult look easy, which makes him a perfect fit at Griselda Records, and makes Wasn't Built In A Day a must-listen. Big Ghost Ltd is the perfect production counterpart for Rome, and Wasn't Built In A Day, is yet another notch on his belt.

Draft Day - "Close 2 The Sun"

At the end of last week, an interview between Lil Yachty and Drake surfaced on the internet, which featured both rappers on the beach in Turks and Caicos talking about music, life and more. Within the interview, Drake took a moment to note Lil Yachty's Concrete Boys signee Draft Day as he was staring off into the horizon, saying how much he loves that Draft Day just knows he's gonna blow up. Well, on the heels of that, Draft Day dropped off an absolutely incredible single (and video to match), called "Close 2 The Sun." Whether you're new to Draft Day or not, you're gonna love this latest drop. While you're at it, pay close attention to his labelmates at Concrete Boys: Dc2Trill and Camo. Yachty's been up to something for a while now, putting together an all-star squad of underground talent together. It's safe to say his plan is working, and the most exciting part is that they're just getting started.

Danny Towers, DJ Scheme, and Ski Mask the Slump God - "Florida Water (feat. Luh Tyler)"

Florida has proven to be a hotbed for some of the best talent in the hip-hop scene, and we've been paying close attention. During February, we were stoked to see that Danny Towers, DJ Scheme, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Luh Tyler linked up for a brand new release, called "Florida Water." This track is some of their best, and proved to be one of our favorites from the month. In just two weeks, it broke over a million views on YouTube alone.

E the profit - "Pull Up"

In other news, E the profit unveiled a brand new single on February 10, called "Pull Up." Once again, the Kentucky native demonstrated his rap prowess, and continued his hot-streak. As he nears half-a-million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, he's making it clear that he's not playing around at all in 2023. If you're new to E the profit, here's an open invite to become a fan. You can thank us later.

RaiNao and paopao - "dale Play"

RaiNao and paopao made waves this month with a brand new release, called "dale Play." We've been paying close attention to paopao as she's racked up a ridiculous amount of streams in the past year. It's still technically early for both of these artists, but that's changing quickly. "dale Play" is one of our favorite tracks from this month, and it's already broken over 400,000 streams on Spotify alone.

PRICE and Nana - "CONVOS"

PRICE and Nana each made another major step forward this February with a new single, "CONVOS." Each of the two artists brings a lot of talent to the table, and Nana has been on our radar for a while now. "CONVOS" is some of the best from each artist's catalog, and is a phenomenal opportunity to get to know them and their respectively unique sounds.

Snow Banks - "Paranoid"

Snow Banks has continued their come-up in 2023 with a brand new single, called "Paranoid." This single is just the latest in a string of notable drops that have caught the attention of not only us, but listeners across the globe as well. Take this as your chance to get familiar with Snow Banks - especially while it's still considered "early" for them.

MVW, TiaCorine, and Lil Cherry - "Tru Tru"

MVW is a producer who's been curating some incredible releases, and he continued that trend this month with a brand new single alongside ONE37pm favorite TiaCorine and Lil Cherry. Not only is the selection of rappers on point, but the beat makes it abundantly clear why MVW should be on your radar; he's surely on ours. Over the past few years, a trend has been emerging of producers dropping their own music on DSPs and featuring talent within their network. MVW has been a part of this growing trend, and has been absolutely killing it. Feast your ears on one of our favorites from this month, "Tru Tru."

Wizz Havinn - "Press"

Wizz Havinn has been coming up in a serious way, and dropped off an incredible single this month, called "Press." It's some of his best, and is a strong hint to listeners to take a thorough look at the rest of his noteworthy catalog of music, like "Mode," "Mr. Too Sticky," and "Perky Glee," just to name a few. Take this as your sign to get hip to the up-and-comer, as he's broken past the 100,000 monthly listener mark on Spotify, and is being featured on some of the platform's premier rap playlists, like 'Out The Mud' and 'No Cap.'

Riz La Vie - 'Haven' (Album)

Riz La Vie kicked off his 2023 in a great way with a 15-song album called Haven. The project is some of Riz's best, and is a phenomenal introduction to the artist's music for new listeners. Across 15 songs, there's one feature: Johan Lenox, which proved to be an incredible curation choice from Riz. After his 2020 debut album, Feed., this project is an incredible step forward for the talented artist. Keep an eye on Riz and check out the whole album!

MICKY, Mari World, Room in Eight - "Candy"

MICKY made his 2023 debut in a strong way with his single "Candy," alongside Mari World and Room in Eight. After a long hiatus, he's back in action, and it's a promising start to what is hopefully a steady stream of new releases. Room in Eight did a phenomenal job with the production, and set the stage perfectly for MICKY and Mari World to do their thing - and so they did.

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