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If you often find yourself on YouTube, then there's a good chance you've come across one of Patrick Cc's videos. The influence he's culminated across all other platforms stem from his foundational presence on YouTube, and his videos are wildly entertaining. His main channel is currently at 705k subscribers, while his other channels are quickly catching up.

Whether you're looking for music, pop-culture, or just wild stories in general, Patrick Cc is your guy. His reviews and mini-documentaries are insanely addicting to watch, and his attention to detail make the videos some of the most factual references you can find on YouTube for these subjects.

To get a better idea of the quality behind Patrick's videos, let's take a deeper look at one in particular: his mini-doc on Joji's career.

Although I've been familiar with Joji as an artist for years, and even knew the label he was signed to before watching, this video gave me a significantly better impression of who Joji really is. By starting at the beginning of Joji's internet presence and looking closely at the details behind his career, Patrick shed light on things that most Joji fans don't even know.

Joji started off as a YouTube creator himself. His initial presence as "Filthy Frank" was consistently going viral at the time he was making his early videos. As he grew in his journey of making content, he realized that his true passion was not the meme-type videos he was already making, it was making heartfelt music from scratch. Sounds like a simple transition, right? Wrong.

Joji had one thing between him and the new career he was seeking: his original fanbase, who knew him as "Filthy Frank." Their expectations were that he'd be regularly making the content they'd fallen in love with, and they were not ready to expect anything different. After a genuine plea to those fans in a video describing the transition he wanted to make, they still were relentless in their negative comments towards him. He even explained in the video how he has an epileptic condition that could make him have seizures if he's too stressed, yet the fans didn't pull back from their hateful comments and complaints.

Despite all of this, Joji still courageously pushed forward, creating a gradient shift from old to new. He would still post "Filthy Frank" videos, but at a much slower rate than before. At the same time, Joji started unveiling his music. Little by little, fans would begin to fully appreciate the metamorphosis that was taking place, and Joji would stop posting "Filthy Frank" videos. Once he signed to 88Rising, things began to take off even more for his music career, and in the time since, that's what most new fans have come to know him for.

I've listened to countless Joji records, but throughout all of my listening, I never knew the courage and persistence it took him to emerge as a well-respected artist in the music community. If I never found Patrick Cc's channel, I wouldn't have known the impressive backstory behind this artist. The best part is, this is just one of Patrick's many videos.

Patrick Cc's videos cover more than just music. He has plenty of other recent videos worth watching that explore a much wider scope, like his Bam Margera video documenting Bam's explosive come-up and downfall, and his Rob Dyrdek video explaining the grip he had on MTV for years. Regardless of the topic, Patrick remains focused on facts and detail-oriented. For our readers who are music lovers, you've gotta check out the 'Patrick Cc: Music' channel. On there, you'll find original music that Patrick Cc puts together with up-and-coming artists. As if that's not interesting enough, if you're a gamer, you'll love his 'Patrick GG' channel, where he hosts all of his gaming content.

Patrick Cc is making the most of what YouTube has to offer. Through his impressive in-depth videos and other hard work, he's created a unique connection with fans and artists that will last a very long time. Here's another great video worth watching to kick off your trip down the Patrick Cc rabbit hole.

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