Rapper CEO Trayle Is Charting His Own Path

The 'CEO' has a lot on his plate for 2021

CEO Trayle

Everybody in life has a calling to do something special. That specific calling can vary depending upon the person, but for rapper CEO Trayle, it’s clear that his talent lies within music. Born in the Bronx, raised Chi-Town, and now living in Atlanta, CEO Trayle was literally put on this earth to do music. With strong project releases over the last few years, there is a reason why the artist calls himself a CEO. He is his own boss. He does things his way. Fresh off dropping his latest single ‘Didn’t Know,’ the ‘CEO’ caught up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd about his upcoming album.

Boyd: What’s the difference between New York and Atlanta music wise? Which do you prefer?

CEO Trayle: I think I like Atlanta better. I love New York, but Atlanta is way more diverse. In Atlanta if they see you going up they will try to help you out, and that can be good sometimes. 

Boyd: I want to talk about the 1080 Trademark Records Presents project. Talk to us about putting it together and what the project means to you.

CEO Trayle: The project means a lot to me. I honestly just started calling it an album myself. I like the collection of songs on there. Each one of those songs are from a significant point in my life. All of those songs put together well and compliment each other in a certain way. 

Boyd: What’s your favorite song?

CEO Trayle: I like ‘Jackie Chan,’ but I’m not gonna lie, I sleep on some of my stuff. I also like ‘Get In Line,’ and I have an extended version. I’m gonna shoot a video for it. ‘Living Right,’ and ‘Made 4 It’ too—I like all the songs! No Skips in there!

Boyd: For fans or anyone else who is getting introduced to you  for the first time, what song do you think would be the best intro into who you are?

CEO Trayle: ‘Okay Cool.’ For it to do what it’s doing—I feel like that song captures me in my element. As plain as I can be. That song is strictly me, and I feel like that’s why it did what it did. It was one of the most pure songs I’ve ever made. It was simple. I actually wasn’t going to release it—I didn’t even like the song! I only did it to rap off these new beats that I got. Somebody ended up hearing it on my Instagram live, and they asked for it. After that the whole Chicago had it!

Boyd: How do you get the vibes right in the studio? What do you need to lock in?

CEO Trayle: I feel like people should just live life. You won’t have anything to talk about if you don’t live and go through certain situations. If you are an upcoming artist I feel like you should try to make yourself as comfortable as possible to get your vibe together. I turn off the lights and that makes me go. Nobody sees me, and I don’t have to impress anybody. Then when I leave the booth everybody is looking at me like I’m  The Golden Child! I also get high—that’s what helps me!

Boyd: What should we expect in 2021?

CEO Trayle: Everything! The CEO Trayle Tape was just an introduction. I want to go on a mixtape rampage! I want to drop all these music videos! I have fun making music and recording. I love rapping on beats, and seeing how certain beats make me react. To all the  up-and-coming artists—just stay consistent! I stay consistent, and I’m always working. I was just in the studio with Seddy Hendrix. There are more than a billion people in the world—somebody will listen to your music! 

You heard the man. There are more than a billion people in the world, so stay consistent with your craft. You can keep up with CEO Trayle on Instagram.

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