11 Rappers Who Will Inspire You to Live a Healthier Life

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Jay-Z is among the rappers investing in healthy lifestyles. / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Juicing, veganism, vegetarianism and overall healthy eating have become an ever-growing craze for rappers over the years. Aside from keeping themselves healthy, people in the hip-hop community want to help break the generational cycle in America of consuming primarily comfort foods that are often fried, processed and greasy. The gradual transformation of how we are seeing food has been such a huge movement that people of all ages and professions in the music industry have joined the cultural shift to eat better and take care of themselves, including DJs, executives, producers, drummers and radio personalities.

Here and there, I’ve heard rappers talk about getting and staying physically and mentally healthy through diet and exercise: They are jumping on the juice train, being more vocal in the fitness world and stressing the importance of taking back ownership of your health. The larger benefit of all this is that these rappers aren’t only changing their own lifestyles, they are actively being role models for their current fans as well as the next generation. Look, hip-hop will always have vices, like any other community. We mix the bad with the good just like anything else, but seeing a health paradigm shift is refreshing. Here are a few shining examples.

Styles P & Jadakiss

Styles P and Jadakiss were on Dr. Oz celebrating juicing and what got them involved in practicing such a healthy lifestyle through their Juices for Life stores. What is extremely important to point out is that these juice activation spots are located purposely in lower-income neighborhoods in New York City to make health options readily available to the community. Styles P even admits that drinking juice improves his mood.

DJ Envy & Angela Yee

The Breakfast Club hosts DJ Envy and Angela Yee are also supporters of juicing and even partnered with Styles and Kiss to franchise a Juices for Life store in Bed Stuy.

Gucci Mane

The “new” Gucci Mane spent three years incarcerated and because of that was forced to detox from many things, including his lifestyle of drinking “lean.” When he was released, he looked completely different. Since then Gucci has dropped more than 100 pounds, attributing it to exercise and eating healthily. Guwop is fit! 


Billionaire Jay-Z has his hands in so many things these days and one of them happens to be Impossible Foods. Hov invested in the plant-based meat brand early. He and Beyoncé also invested in 22 Days Nutrition, which makes healthy meals, plans and recipes more accessible. 


Imagine taking a health concept, dropping some bars about it and then suddenly going viral. Grey is a rapper that did exactly that by taking his Plant Based Drippin initiative and applying it to his viral “Vegan Thanksgiving” video. Grey took a favorite holiday and sprinkled a little soy on it, making it his own. The video went viral in 2017, but Grey still pushes the plant-based lifestyle.

Rick Ross

Honestly, Rick Ross was the motivation for this article. After suffering from a few seizures, Rozay had to get a grip on his health quickly. Not only has Rozay shredded some serious weight, but he has also turned his CrossFit-inspired workout regimen into “RossFit,” a high-intensity workout that he touts to other folks looking to get fit. 

ScHoolboy Q

One person that really flies under the radar is the “Groovy” one: ScHoolboy Q. Years ago, I once attended a Q show where he ran out of breath and cracked jokes about being out of shape to the crowd. Today you can find a more lean Q in the gym boxing with his trainer. 

Waka Flocka Flame

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who once was a vegan, now just follows a healthy diet. In an interview with GQ, Flocka revealed that he doesn’t eat pork or beef and rarely consumes chicken. Along with eating right, Flocka also works out as you can see in this video with trainer Quinn Porter. Flocka can be seen working out in the Instagram video above, but he quickly becomes distracted by wife Tammy Rivera Malphurs.

Jaden Smith

At 21, Jaden Smith has already had an impressive music career and become an advocate for healthy eating. Smith launched a pop-up vegan food truck called I Love You Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The food truck was spotted on Skid Row recently handing out free vegan food to the homeless in an effort to promote love and self-care. 

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