Rojas On The Beat Interview: Working with XXXTentacion and More

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Rojas On The Beat, also known as Rojas, is a multi-platinum producer, DJ, and entrepreneur based out of South Florida. Rojas began to fast-track his career in 2015 by working with artists such as Playboy Carti, Pouya, and Maxo Kream. Additionally, he has even worked with South Florida natives Lil Pump and the late, great XXXTentacion. While Rojas is best known for his production within the Latin and hip-hop space, he dives into all genres and is a very versatile artist. 

In April 2021, Rojas joined Pekeño 77 and Snap Dogg on their single "Pull Up." The track is a culmination of Latin trap and hip-hop, with an Uruguayan and Detroit artist. The song has gained over three hundred fifty thousand streams on Spotify, with the music video creeping in on four hundred thousand views on YouTube. So be sure to tune in below!

More recently, Rojas released his song "Tattoo" with Isaiah. The song features a steady percussion that is reminiscent of an 80s pop song. Additionally, the track's sliding bassline perfectly goes with Isaiah's voice. This song is criminally underrated on Rojas tracklist, as its production and Isaiah's presence blend perfectly to create a soft and soothing pop song. 

Furthermore, earlier in 2021, Rojas again worked with Isaiah and D Tenox on their track "1:11." The piece features the main melody from Eminem's hit "Without Me," which is played throughout the spectrum as the song's heartbeat. What makes this track so unique is that it is challenging to classify under one genre. It begins with Latin percussion, then deep house elements are introduced to the mix, but the song eventually has a trap-heavy drop. This unique style is hard to identify by itself, but it helps show Rojas' versatility as an artist. Check out the track below! 

As well as working with up-and-coming artists, Rojas has helped pave the way for the largest acts to come out of the Florida hip-hop scene. In 2015, Rojas produced and played a role in writing XXXTentacion's breakthrough song "Look At Me," which went platinum six times and stayed on the charts for twenty weeks. In an interview with Genius, Rojas said, "One day me and X were sitting at the crib going through beats and he wasn't really rocking with any of them, and then the last one I showed him was that beat, and he was like, "Rojas, this is it!" In 15 minutes, it was done. X already knew the whole song in his head before he made it." 

Additionally, Rojas would DJ for XXXTentacion on his "Revenge Tour" in 2017. He also was the DJ for Lil Pump for the "No Jumper Tour" alongside Smokepurpp. Rojas even helped promote and market Lil Pump with his first self-titled album Lil Pump. Around this time, he began to take on more of the business side of things in the music industry. It was in 2017 when Rojas launched Inzei Records. 

Today, Rojas is expanding the Inzei brand to focus on more than just music. We talked to Rojas and asked him a few questions about Inzei, his music, and more! 

1. What is the most rewarding aspect of Inzei Worldwide? 

The most rewarding aspect of Inzei Worldwide is to be able to give young aspiring artists a platform for their voices to be heard.

2. What challenges do you face with running multiple businesses and working on your music career? It surely must be a lot of work? 

The most challenging aspect of running multiple businesses is finding proper work/life balance along with appropriate time management.

4. How did your music career start? Who were your biggest influences? 

My music career started alongside XXXTentacion-we came up together and made a name for ourselves. My biggest influences were Ludacris, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne.

5. How has the transition been from the English market to Latin markets? 

The transition from the English to Spanish markets has been challenging in the sense that because Spanish is not my primary language, I struggle with communicating properly with certain individuals.

6. You've been receiving love worldwide, especially in South America. Do you plan on touring South America at some point in your career? 

We are working alongside some of the top talents in numerous countries around the world and hope to tour each one.

If you're not familiar with Rojas, stay updated with the emerging artist and music executive. He is making moves that are helping not only his music career but also the careers of other musicians. Tune in! 

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