Sixteen Year Old Jay Esco Is Ready to Make A Splash With New EP 'All Is Love And War'

The young artist from Connecticut is the latest to catch up with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Jay Esco is a young musician with something to prove. Representing Bridgeport, Connecticut, the sixteen-year-old has spent the majority of 2020 releasing music and fine tuning his craft. The rapper/singer first began capturing attention with his single ‘Double Up,’ which was well received by listeners, and now has a new EP entitled All Is Love And War. Having just released the video to his latest single ‘Kiss and Tell,’ Esco is the latest to catch up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd while recording in Atlanta.

Boyd: Tell us a little bit more about the All Is Love And War and the artwork. Why did you name it that and what did you set out to do with this project?

Jay Esco: It was hard for us to figure out the name of the project, but since I had songs talking about both street life and love, we just called it All Is Love and War. I’m feeling like the project is going to go crazy—it already is! As far as the artwork, I wanted something that could get the love and the war part together. 

Boyd: What is your favorite track from the project?

Jay Esco: I like all of them, but my favorite is either ‘Hold Me Down’ with Metro, or ‘Visionary.’ I still have to shoot the video for ‘Visionary,’ because that song is gonna go crazy. ‘Inn The Towns’ with Ann Marie is going crazy too though, that’s the most played song from the EP. 

Boyd: For anyone that’s new to you, what song should they turn on to get a taste of your music?

Jay Esco: I think it would be ‘Kiss and Tell’ and ‘War. I say ‘Kiss and Tell’ because that song shows my singing side, and then ‘War’ because that’s my roots.

Boyd: You just shot the video for ‘Kiss and Tell’ right?

Jay Esco: Yeah I just dropped it like four or five days ago. I shot that in Connecticut. We were trying to go for the vibe of the song. The theme was about a girl bringing her best friends over, and then us being mad at each other but getting over it.

Boyd: A lot of people watching are inspiring artists. What would you say you need to get your vibe right in the studio? 

Jay Esco: Sometimes I just put a beat on, and if I mess with it I like to freestyle. If not, then I will just write it. I like to put the music on a loop so I can hear it out loud several times before I start writing. Sometimes when I’m in Atlanta, I’ll have people pull up and make beats for me, but when I’m back home, I go on YouTube or have engineers send me beats. My manager checks my emails, and if he feels like a beat sounds good he’ll send it to me. 

Boyd: What should we expect from you in 2021?

Jay Esco: 2021? I’m gonna drop an even bigger project! I’m thinking of an album. I’m going to have more videos and a lot of other things like that. 

If you haven’t already, check out the video for ‘Kiss and Tell.’ You can keep up with Jay Esco on Instagram and Twitter.

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