All of Stevie Wonder's Albums, Ranked From Great to the Very Best

In celebration of a legend

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Few artists will ever have the impact and longevity that Stevie Wonder has been able to have. With a career that spans back to his Motown Days in the early 1960s, Wonder is one of the best-selling musical acts of all time with over 100 million records sold worldwide, 25 Grammy Awards, and an Academy Award. In addition to his astronomical sales, Wonder has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. From the beginning of his career it was clear that Stevie Wonder is a special generational talent, churning out hit record after hit record (that 1970s run was no joke). With his 73rd birthday on Saturday, we thought it would be fun to look back on all of Stevie Wonder's albums, ranked from... best to best (because there truly isn't a bad Stevie Wonder record).

So get ready to put your airpods in and enjoy.

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25. Eivets Rednow (1968)

24. Tribute to Uncle Ray (1962)

23. With A Song In My Heart (1963)

22. Stevie at the Beach (1964)

21. The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie (1962)

20. Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants (1979)

19. I Was Made to Love Her (1967)

18. For Once In My Life (1968)

17. Down to Earth (1966)

16. Where I’m Coming From (1971)

15. "Characters" (1987)

14. Conversation Peace (1995)

13. Up-Tight (1966)

12. A Time to Love (2005)

11. My Cherie Amour (1969)

10. The Woman in Red (1984)

9. Jungle Fever (1991)

8. Signed, Sealed & Delivered (1970)

7. Music of My Mind (1972)

6. In Square Circle (1985)

5. Fulfillingness’ First Finale (1974)

4. Talking Book (1972)

3. Hotter than July (1980)

2. Innervisions (1973)

1. Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

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